10 DC Characters Stephen Amell Would Be Perfect For In James Gunn’s DC Universe


  • Stephen Amell, known for his role as Green Arrow in the Arrowverse, has expressed interest in joining the DCU.
  • Amell could play the comedic character of Booster Gold, which would be a departure from his darker roles. He once auditioned for the role in the past.
  • Amell’s range of possible DCU roles go from Batman villains, to the Dark Knight himself, and more.

Stephen Amell could leave Green Arrow behind and join James Gunn’s DC Universe as either a popular DC character or one of the comic book giant’s exciting but obscure players. Amell has been a key figure for DC for over a decade. While the DCEU movies faltered in theaters, Amell’s work on Arrow spawned an entire DC TV universe, with the Arrowverse thriving for several years.

Currently, Amell is not set to appear in the DCU’s Chapter One projects. However, since Gunn has revealed that he hopes to work with the Arrowverse’s the Flash actor Grant Gustin in the future, there seems to be a chance for Arrowverse actors to join the DCU. While a bit skeptical, Amell said he would join the DCU if asked, and the former Green Arrow could switch roles, with Amell being great for interesting characters.

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10 Booster Gold

Amell Could Lead Another DC TV Series


It is hard to believe that Gunn would cast Arrowverse actors as their characters in the DCU. Adding to that, perhaps the best way to feature Arrowverse characters in the new shared universe would be to have them play very different roles from their past DC characters. As such, Amell could leave his dark take on Green Arrow behind in favor of a lighter, more comedic DCU hero.

Enter Booster Gold. In Arrow, Amell had a few times to show that he can be really funny if allowed to flex a different set of acting muscles. Amell has shown that he is a bankable star for DC in the TV space. The DCU could use that as it begins to establish itself, with Amell leading the announced Booster Gold series. In favor of the casting is the fact Amell once auditioned to play Booster Gold.

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9 Hush

The Batman Villain Would Fit Amell’s DC Movie Wish


While Amell could subvert expectations and play a more comedic character like Booster Gold in the DCU, the actor might end up going for the same darker tone that usually comes from his roles. The DCU could still keep that element and give fans a fresh DC experience with Amell by casting him as a villain instead of a hero. That could connect with a past comment from the Green Arrow star.

Speaking to the Geek House Show back in 2022, Amell said that if he were to play a character that was not Green Arrow in future DC movies, he would like “a good Batman villain that no one’s played yet.” Tommy Elliot, aka Hush, has yet to appear in a live-action movie. Besides fitting Amell’s comment, Hush is a dark villain that could haunt the DCU’s Batman, given their connection as childhood friends. Arrow showed Amell could play that kind of dynamic well.

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8 Deadshot

A Nuanced Villain With Skills Amell’s Familiar With


Another villain who has had his fair share of run-ins with Batman in DC Comics, the DCEU, and other media is Deadshot. Amell even had the chance to share the screen with one of the iterations of the character. As Green Arrow, Amell briefly operated with Arrow‘s version of the Suicide Squad, which included Michael Rowe as Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot.

In the DCEU, Deadshot was played by Will Smith in Suicide Squad. As the actor did not return for Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, Smith might not come back as Deadshot in the DCU. Amell would be a great fit for the character. His Oliver Queen was many times as confrontational and closed-off as Deadshot, though with a heart hidden under his bravado. The actor also has experience playing a DC character who is an expert at accuracy.

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7 Adam Strange

The DCU Could Adapt The Perfect Story For The Character


Adam Strange would be a role that could allow Amell to show both his well-known ability to play a hero more on the brooding side, as well as let him try out a lighter character at DC. The perfect way to do that would be through an adaptation of the gut punch of a project that was DC’s Adam Strange limited series, “Strange Adventures.”

Mister Terrific, a key player in “Strange Adventures,” will debut in the DCU in James Gunn’s
movie next year.

The comic book’s events take place across two different timelines, with a happier Adam Strange in the past as an ideal hero and the character hiding a dark secret in the present as the world closes in on him. Amell has the charisma and edge to play both versions of Strange in the DCU, with the project allowing the shared universe to explore different planets. Adding to its chances is the fact that “Strange Adventures” writer Tom King is one of the DCU’s creative minds.

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6 Deadman

The DCU’s Supernatural Side Can Be Expanded


Deadman is a peculiar hero in DC Comics. As his name states, Boston Brand does not let death stop him, with the character being given the power to possess anyone — as long as they are living — by the Hindu god Rama Kushna after he was murdered. Deadman would provide an opening to a very particular kind of DC story that could help keep the DCU fresh.

With a Swamp Thing movie confirmed for the DCU, it seems like Gunn will keep an eye on DC’s supernatural potential. Deadman has been part of the Justice League Dark, and Amell has the star power to be one of the leads of such a project. As for Boston Brand himself, Amell has the skills to bring his tragic origin story to life. Amell’s role as the Spectre in the Arrowverse also shows he would nail Deadman’s bleak nature.

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5 Jim Gordon

A Wildcard Casting Choice


While Amell would be expected to play a hero or a villain if he joined the DCU, given his past as Green Arrow, the actor could also suit a major character that should serve in a supporting role over multiple DCU projects. With Batman and the Bat-Family confirmed to arrive in the DCU’s The Brave and the Bold movie, Amell could sit out of the fight and play Batman’s right hand in Gotham City PD.

The casting would be unconventional. However, there is potential in it, with Amell fitting Jim Gordon if the DCU’s Batman is 30 or under, like David Corenswet’s Superman. With the work of a great makeup department, Amell could completely transform into Gordon like Colin Farrell became the Penguin in The Batman. The actor’s heartwarming talks as Oliver Queen with the Flash, Supergirl, and other Arrowverse heroes show that Amell could be a supportive Jim while keeping the character’s harder edge.

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4 Aquaman

A Great Choice To Transition Arthur Curry From The DCEU


Amell would be one of the best choices to play Aquaman in the DCU. While DCEU Arthur Curry actor Jason Momoa is expected to be part of the new DC Universe, the star is heavily rumored to be leaving Aquaman behind and playing Lobo. As such, the whole is wide open, and Amell could be the best of both worlds for fans of Momoa’s portrayal and the comics’ Aquaman.

Physically, Amell looks more like Aquaman from DC Comics than Momoa. The actor’s skills are also better suited to a more contained approach than Momoa’s wild, comedic acting in the role. Amell could play the classic, regal Aquaman well. The actor could also use what worked for Momoa’s version, which undid Aquaman’s joke status from Super Friends by making the hero a hardened warrior who instilled fear in others.

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3 Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

An Older DCU Hero


At 43, Amell could go from Green Arrow to Green Lantern in the DCU. The actor seems like a great fit for the direction the DCU is taking with its Green Lantern corner. While Nathan Fillion plays Guy Gardner in the DCU — and the first look at Fillion as Green Lantern in Superman has been revealed — the announced Lanterns series will introduce Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

When the show was officially confirmed by HBO, a logline for Lanterns was revealed, stating, “The series follows new recruit John Stewart and Lantern legend Hal Jordan.” That points to the DCU casting an older star for Hal Jordan. Amell could play the Green Lantern if the character is in his 40s. In Arrow, Heels, and other projects, Amell has shown that he can play a hero whose willpower is his main strength, such as Hal.

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2 Batman

A Seamless Transition From Arrow


Since the new DCU was announced, there have been several rumors regarding who will play Batman in the franchise. While names like Jensen Ackles, Alan Ritchson, and Jake Gyllenhaal have become popular picks for an older Bruce Wayne, Amell could be the perfect choice for the role that is flying under the radar. The reason for that is clear, as there are eight seasons of TV that show Amell would be great as Batman.

Arrow changed many details of DC Comics’ Oliver Queen, with Amell’s character being darker and more violent than his comic book counterpart. Amell’s Green Arrow was a brooding billionaire who operated out of a secret cave and mostly fought crime at night. That is just Batman, and that point was raised by fans throughout the show’s run. As such, Amell would be a seamless fit as the DCU’s new Bruce Wayne.

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1 Deathstroke

A Full Circle DC Moment


Finally, Amell could also play a villain that would bring him full circle, thanks to an Arrow connection. With the Teen Titans set to debut in the DCU with a movie on the way, Deathstroke, who is the main villain of the Teen Titans in the comics, could also be coming soon. That is helped by Gunn having teased plans for Deathstroke in the DCU.

Deathstroke is perhaps the most important villain Amell’s Green Arrow fought over eight seasons of Arrow. As such, it would be exciting to see the actor switch roles and take on Slade Wilson in the DCU. Amell would excel at Deathstroke’s fighting sequences, with makeup work helping him get the gray look for the role. Deathstroke would also fit Stephen Amell’s wish to play a Batman villain in the DCU.

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