6 Biggest Details Netflix’s Tell Me You Love Me Leaves Out From The True Story Of Anna Stubblefield’s Case


  • Tell Them You Love Me is a documentary about Anna Stubblefield’s relationship with Derrick Johnson, exploring the complex case involving consent, race, and assumptions about the disabled.
  • The documentary omits some details about the trial and Anna’s personal life.
  • For example, allusions are made to the problems in Anna’s previous marriage, but many details about what went wrong in their relationship are omitted.

Produced by documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux and directed by Nick August-Perna, Tell them you love me It provides a lot of information about the case against Anna Stubblefield, but still leaves out some key details. Tell them you love me is a powerful documentary about Anna’s controversial relationship with Derrick Johnson, a non-verbal man whom she helped through the use of facilitated communication. Instead of the information being spread across a few episodes, Tell them you love me In a one-hour and 42-minute film, the complex issues of the case are detailed, so some details are mentioned briefly or left out entirely.

True crime documentaries are rarely easy to present due to the inherent complexities of the criminal content itself, but it is further complicated by a case like the one involving Anna. In addition to conversations about consent, race and assumptions about disabled people are also presented as key factors in the case. Court testimony and interviews with Derrick’s family in Tell them you love me delve deeper into these factors. However, although Anna shares her perspective in the documentary, there are some details about the trial and her personal life that are not included in the Netflix documentary.

Anna Stubblefield in the Netflix documentary Tell Them You Love Me Related Where are Anna Stubblefield and Derrick Johnson today after the controversial Tell Them You Love Me case

After the events of the documentary Tell Them You Love Me, Anna Stubblefield and Derrick Johnson lead very different lives in different spheres.

6 Anna’s Plea Deal

He pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual contact.

Tell them you love me anna stubblefield-1

One of the few details that was overlooked in Tell them you love me These were the exact details of Anna’s conviction being overturned. The documentary mentions her early release, but does not specify the lesser charge she was charged with. Anna’s first conviction was for two counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault and she was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

This outcome comes after the jury determined that Derrick could not consent to the relationship between him and Anna and that the latter was abusing her power as an enabler. However, just two years into his 12-year sentence, a three-judge panel overturned his conviction. In a plea deal, Anna pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree aggravated criminal sexual contact and was released from prison.

It became clear that Anna did not receive a fair trial due to the amount of inadmissible evidence that gave the defense little recourse to back up their claims. By the time the trial began, facilitated communication had already been widely discredited due to multiple studies calling into question the role facilitators play in typed responses. Therefore, because much of the defense evidence involved the use of facilitated communication, it was excluded.

5 Rosemary Crossley videotaped Derrick as evidence

The evidence was intended to demonstrate Derrick’s capacity to consent.

Derrick Johnson standing in front of a tree in Tell Them You Love Me.

A compelling piece of evidence for the defense, which ultimately could not be used in court, were recordings of Dr. Rosemary Crossley. For three days, Rosemary, who appears briefly in Tell them you love mevideotaped his evaluation of Derrick. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine whether Derrick had “communicative intention.”

Rosemary used facilitated communication during this process, but claims that the results of the device have little to do with her final opinion of Derrick’s abilities. Rosemary is best known in her field of work for being an early proponent of facilitated communication. Of the people Rosemary helped communicate, one of the best known is Anne McDonald, as mentioned in the documentary.

Seeing the success Anne was having with facilitated communication, Rosemary took pride in promoting this method of communication. However, Rosemary still had some doubts about the accuracy of the tool, as did others. In an autobiography she wrote about the experience, Rosemary confessed that she was worried that she was unconsciously appropriating Anne’s responses. However, her doubts were dispelled when Anne began writing down inside jokes and stories that Rosemary was not privy to.

4. Anna and her husband went to couples therapy

Anna’s relationship with Derrick was mentioned.

Anna Stubblefield with her ex-husband and two children in Tell Them You Love Me Image from Netflix

In Tell them you love meAnna makes it clear that her marriage was unstable. The fragile state of her marriage also became clear to Derrick and his family when they both shared details of their relationship with them. Tell them you love me It alludes to problems in their relationship, but the documentary does not detail what happened in their marriage after a search took place at their home.

Anna and her now ex-husband Roger’s marriage took a further hit after her relationship with Derrick came to light and the couple went to therapy. A testimony from Roger at a pre-trial hearing revealed that his therapist told Anna that “I need to stop thinking about this relationship with Derrick.. “Things were looking promising as Anna hadn’t had any contact with Derrick for weeks, but Roger’s hope that Anna would move on faded pretty quickly.

Roger eventually obtained a document detailing Anna and Derrick’s relationship and sent it to the Johnson family. Roger claimed he felt compelled to do so after finding a search for properties for sale on his home computer and realizing Anna had no intention of continuing her marriage.

3 Juan tested the results of facilitated communication

He asked Derrick questions that Anna wouldn’t know the answers to.

John Johnson, Derrick's older brother, in Tell Them You Love Me.

Along with Anna, two people who are present throughout the documentary are Derrick’s mother, Daisy, and his brother, John. Anna recalls in Tell them you love me The period after she and Derrick announced their relationship to the Johnson family. During this time, Daisy did not answer Anna’s calls and was not allowed to speak to or see Derrick.

Tell them you love me He mentions Anna’s attempt to communicate with Derrick without her family’s knowledge, but doesn’t share what happened before that. Unable to wait for Daisy to call her, Anna stopped by the Johnson house and asked to speak to Derrick, declaring her commitment to him and their relationship. John, doubtful of the accuracy of the facilitated communication, first asked if Anna was comfortable with the test.

The test was intended to prove that Anna had had no involvement in the outcome of Derrick’s answers. When John asked Derrick who “Georgia” was, he replied that she was a friend of his mother. Although the answer was correct, it took several minutes for the sentence to be fully written. Furthermore, when John asked a follow-up question, Derrick answered incorrectly and that was enough for the Johnsons to ask Anna to leave and continue distancing herself from the family.

2 Anna referenced Derrick in an academic essay

Her support for him was written about in a 2013 book.

Anna Stubblefield and Derrick Johnson in Tell Them You Love Me (2024)

Disability and the good human life is a collection of essays that examines how disability affects a person’s life. The book was published in 2013 and features some pages written by Anna. In her part of the book, Anna uses a quote from Derrick’s panel presentation in 2010 and likely references it in the text.

In her essay, Anna talks about the infantilization of those who wear adult diapers. Anna does not mention Derrick by name, she only refers to him as a friend of hers, but some information provided points to him being the one. Part of her essay says: “Once again, those in control of his life treat him as if he were severely intellectually handicapped. This chapter is dedicated to him, in the hope that he will one day regain his voice and his freedom.

Anna expressed a similar sentiment in Tell them you love meDaisy remembers Anna reprimanding her on numerous occasions for the way she treated her son. Anna told her that Derrick was a grown man capable of making his own decisions and was ready for some independence.

1 Anna’s family is on her side

Her father and daughter publicly expressed their support.

Anna Stubblefield now in Tell Them You Love Me.

Interviews in Tell them you love me It showcases the many supportive people in Anna’s life. From her mother to professionals in the same field, many believe that Anna had good intentions in her relationship with Derrick. However, one supportive voice missing from the documentary is Anna’s daughter, Zoe.

During Anna’s sentencing hearing, Zoe gave a statement in which she claimed that her mother “He is a very good person. ” Zoe further claimed that her father, Roger, was abusive to both her and Anna, and explained that his actions were the reason her mother felt the need to start a new relationship. However, Roger’s feelings towards Anna are included in the documentary where he says: “I think Anna is a pathological liar and a narcissist.

Besides, Tell them you love me It shows that Anna has always firmly believed that she did nothing wrong. Her mindset is further indicated by her father’s statement after her sentencing. Anna’s father says that although she was developing her fighting skills to protect herself in prison, she was still certain that she would not be found guilty. He went on to say that Anna was imagining a future life with Derrick where they would get married and if it had become a reality, the family would have welcomed it. The New York Times).

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