Every American Pie Movie, Ranked


  • American Pie
    revolutionized raunchy comedies and brought them back to the mainstream, capturing the essence of teenage angst and camaraderie.
  • With the main cast movies ending, the subsequent
    American Pie
    films struggled to maintain the original charm, leading to diminishing returns.
  • Despite mixed reviews for the newer movies, the
    American Pie
    franchise defined raunchy comedies in the 2000s, with
    American Reunion
    reigniting its success.

The original 1999 American Pie was somewhat of a game-changer in the world of comedy, bringing raunchy rom-coms back to the masses, but when it comes to the best American Pie movie, there have been several highs and lows since the original film hit theaters. Breaking ground in a new way, the studios wanted to keep the magic going for as long as possible, turning it into a juggernaut franchise, both with and without the original stars. Audiences flocked to theaters to watch the gang engage in hysterical debauchery and laugh along at all the jokes.

Along the way, the movies with the main cast ended, but the studio kept pumping out films connected to the originals, all with diminishing returns thanks to the absence of the beloved original American Pie stars. There are nine movies in the American Pie franchise, but there is a new American Pie movie in the works with the original cast returning. Although the newer movies aren’t as beloved as the original films, the American Pie movies ranked shows that even the worst of the franchise helped define raunchy comedies in the 2000s and beyond.

Main American Pie Movies


Release Year

Rotten Tomatoes Score

American Pie



American Pie 2



American Wedding



American Reunion



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9 American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love (2009)

Has None Of The Original Movie’s Charm


American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love follows a group of teens exactly 10 years after the original film, finding the infamous “Bible” that Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas) used in the first movie. While it pays homage to the original, it’s far from the best American Pie movie. After destroying “The Bible,” the teens must track down every man who has contributed any single move to it over the years to try and put it back together. Along the way, they run into Jim’s dad Noah Levenstein (Eugene Levy) who connects the old movies with the “Presents” series.

The Book Of Love ranks at the bottom of the DTV sequels to American Pie because, by this time, what made the original movies so charming had been mostly lost. The movie tried to return some of the magic of the main films, but it was still mostly a copy-and-paste of the ideas that were at one time original and fresh.

American Pie Presents Movies


Release Year

Rotten Tomatoes Score

Band Camp



The Naked Mile



Beta House



The Book of Love



Girls’ Rules



8 American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006)

Struggles With Its Self-Aware Comedy


Erik Stifler (John White), stepping into the notorious family legacy as the cousin of Steve (Seann William Scott) and Matt Stifler (Tad Hilgenbrink), finds himself at a crossroads in American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile. Granted a “free pass” by his girlfriend for a weekend of uninhibited escapades, Erik visits a college campus, aiming to participate in the infamous Naked Mile run. Unlike his hard-partying relatives, Erik’s quieter nature sets the stage for his intended breakout into wild college life. His cousin Dwight (Steve Talley), a seasoned college party enthusiast, takes it upon himself to usher Erik into the fold.

Introducing Erik as a Stifler is a strategic move, allowing the franchise to continue expanding its narrative universe while the original characters remain off-screen. However, The Naked Mileendeavors to strike a balance between self-aware comedy and the portrayal of collegiate debauchery, a task at which it notably struggles. Despite its efforts to innovate within the constraints of its iconic brand, the film’s execution doesn’t capture the spirited essence of the original films. Its attempt at bridging the gap between old and new elements of the franchise results in a narrative that fails to deliver the same level of humor.

7 American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)

Decently Covers Many Familiar College Movie Tropes While Adding Nothing New


American Pie Presents: Beta House carves out a unique space within the broader franchise by being the only spin-off to serve as a direct sequel to its predecessor, The Naked Mile. With Erik transitioning to college life, the storyline initially hints at a fresh start following his recent breakup. However, it quickly veers into the familiar territory charted by its American Pie forebears. Dwight and Erik Stifler’s return received a warm reception, but while Beta House doesn’t falter with its returning characters, it treads a well-worn path that does little to distinguish itself within the genre.

The movie systematically navigates through a series of college movie clichés, from frat parties to the quintessential toga party, leaving little to the imagination. This adherence to formula, while not detrimental, doesn’t elevate the film above the myriad of college comedies that have come before it. The presence of better-crafted college-themed movies casts a long shadow over Beta House, limiting its potential to stand out as a highlight within the American Pie series.

6 American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules (2020)

The Absence Of Eugene Levy Is A Significant Loss


American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules ComedyRomance

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules follows four high school seniors—Annie, Kayla, Michelle, and Stephanie—as they navigate relationships and personal ambitions during their final year. Seeking to assert control over their romantic lives, the friends create a set of guidelines to empower themselves. Starring Madison Pettis, Lizze Broadway, Piper Curda, and Natasha Behnam, this film expands the American Pie universe with a focus on female camaraderie and self-discovery.

Release Date October 6, 2020 Main Genre Comedy

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules offers a refreshing pivot in the franchise’s trajectory by centering its narrative on four female protagonists — Annie (Madison Pettis), Kayla (Piper Curda), Michelle (Natasha Behnam), and Stephanie (Lizze Broadway). As they approach the conclusion of their high school journey, these friends resolve to seize control of their destinies, setting their sights on fulfilling personal quests ranging from sexual awakenings to cunningly outmaneuvering their principal. The film adopts a bold stance, delving into its escapades with a raunchiness reminiscent of its predecessors yet is distinctly flavored by its female perspective.

This shift in focus is a notable departure from the traditionally male-centric American Pie narratives, providing a novel lens through which the series’ thematic concerns are explored. By spotlighting the experiences and agency of its female characters, Girls’ Rules distinguishes itself among the franchise’s spin-offs. However, the absence of Eugene Levy, an emblematic figure of the series known for his role as the awkward yet endearing father figure, marks a significant loss. Having graced every previous entry in the franchise, Levy’s non-participation in Girls’ Rules is a poignant reminder of the evolving nature of the series.

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5 American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005)

Tad Hilgenbrink Shines As Matt Stifler In A Confused Sequel


American Pie Presents: Band Camp serves as the inaugural spin-off following the beloved original trilogy, bringing a touch of nostalgia with the return of Eugene Levy and Chris Owen in their iconic roles. The film introduces Matt Stifler (Tad Hilgenbrink), sent to band camp as punishment for his outrageous behavior. Hilgenbrink’s portrayal of Matt captures the essence of the wild family, maintaining the franchise’s humor and charm. Despite being a direct-to-DVD release, the well-rounded cast and familiar comedic elements provide a solid foundation for this new chapter in the American Pie series.

Band Camp is mostly successful in navigating the challenging waters of transitioning from the series’ original cast to a new lineup, just two years after the trilogy concluded. While the film makes a commendable effort to extend the legacy of American Pie, it contends with the audience’s deep-seated nostalgia for the original characters. This installment tries to strike a balance between paying homage to the franchise’s roots and exploring new narratives, embodying the spirit of American Pie while attempting to forge its own identity within the expansive universe of the series.

4 American Wedding (2003)

A Serviceable Farewell For The Beloved Characters


American Wedding R

Jim and Michelle prepare for their upcoming wedding amidst comedic chaos involving their friends. With Stifler playing a pivotal role in the festivities, the gang navigates embarrassing mishaps and unexpected challenges while aiming to pull off the ultimate celebration of love and friendship.

Director Jesse Dylan Release Date August 1, 2003 Writers Adam Herz Cast Jason Biggs , Seann William Scott , Alyson Hannigan , Eddie Kaye Thomas , Thomas Ian Nicholas , January Jones Runtime 106 Minutes

American Wedding, envisioned as the concluding chapter of the American Pie saga, aimed to tie up the series with a memorable finale centered around Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle’s (Alyson Hannigan) upcoming nuptials. This installment notably focuses on Steve Stifler’s character development, presenting a more nuanced portrayal of the series’ quintessential party animal. However, the absence of Oz (Chris Klein) and other American Pie characters leaves a palpable void, unsettling the dynamic of the closely-knit group. The shift in focus also sidelines other key characters like Kevin, diluting the ensemble essence that defined the earlier films.

Regarded by many as the weakest link among the franchise’s main entries, American Wedding struggles with balancing individual story arcs with the collective journey that had endeared the series to its audience. While it centers on a pivotal life event, the film’s departure from the group-centric storytelling that characterized its predecessors undercuts its impact. Nevertheless, it still features the majority of the original cast, and it stands as a welcome farewell for the characters that audiences have grown up with.

3 American Pie 2 (2001)

The Funniest American Pie Movie To Date

Michelle looking at Jim as he's looking away in shock Jennifer Coolidge as Stifler's Mom in American Pie 2 The gang reunites on the beach in American Pie 2 American Pie 2 (1) American Pie 2 Close

American Pie 2 R

In “American Pie 2,” directed by J.B. Rogers, the gang reunites for a wild summer at a beach house. Jim, Stifler, and friends navigate romantic entanglements and hilarious mishaps while trying to make the most of their break from college. Laughs, awkward moments, and unexpected revelations ensue in this raunchy comedy sequel.

Director J.B. Rogers Release Date August 10, 2001 Cast Jason Biggs , Shannon Elizabeth , Alyson Hannigan , Chris Klein , Thomas Ian Nicholas , Natasha Lyonne Runtime 108 minutes

American Pie 2 stands out in the franchise for being the funniest, delivering a relentless barrage of raunchy jokes that have audiences laughing more than any other installment. Produced in an era with fewer constraints on comedic content, some of American Pie 2’s humor might not align with current sensibilities, yet it captures a raw, unfiltered essence of teenage life transitioning to college. The sequel addresses relatable issues while emphasizing the importance of maintaining connections through life’s changes.

The magic of this sophomore installment also lies in its ability to depict a universally relatable experience of youth, with the original group of friends fully intact. Unlike its successor, American Pie 2 benefits from the strong presence of all main characters. Central to the film is the budding romance between Jim and Michelle, which provides a solid emotional anchor amidst the comedic storm. This romance not only enriches the storyline but also serves as a testament to the film’s ability to balance uproarious laughter with genuine moments of connection, securing its place as a fan favorite in the franchise.

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2 American Reunion (2012)

A Legacy Sequel That Understands Its Characters


American Reunion

Director Jon Hurwitz , Hayden Schlossberg Release Date April 4, 2012 Cast Jason Biggs , Alyson Hannigan , Chris Klein , Seann William Scott , Eddie Kaye Thomas , Eugene Levy , Tara Reid , Mena Suvari , Jennifer Coolidge , Thomas Ian Nicholas Runtime 113 minutes

American Reunion reignited the American Pie series by recapturing the essence of the original film, blending humor and tone in a manner that resonated with long-time fans. The return of the entire original cast was a pivotal factor in drawing audiences back to theaters, leading to a significant international box office success of $234 million (via Box Office Mojo). The chemistry among the cast members appeared as strong as ever, as they effortlessly reprised their roles with the same sharp wit and timing that characterized the early installments.

American Reunion not only served as a nostalgic trip for fans but also as a testament to the franchise’s enduring appeal, managing to innovate within its established framework. The film’s ability to humorously address the characters’ maturation, juxtaposed with their timeless camaraderie, struck a chord with audiences, leading to three Teen Choice Award nominations. It also showcased the series’ ability to evolve better than any sequel, reaffirming its place in the hearts of a generation while appealing to new audiences with its universal themes of friendship, change, and the enduring power of shared history.

1 American Pie (1999)

Single-Handedly Brought Back Raunchy Comedies


American Pie R

American Pie is a raucous teen comedy and the film that launched a revival of the genre. It follows a group of high school friends determined to lose their virginity before graduation and delves into the misadventures of the four boys as they navigate the complexities of relationships, peer pressure, and parental mishaps. You’ll never look at warm apple pie the same again.

Director Paul Weitz , Chris Weitz Release Date July 9, 1999 Cast Jason Biggs , Chris Klein , Thomas Ian Nicholas , Alyson Hannigan , Shannon Elizabeth , Tara Reid Runtime 95 minutes

American Pie revitalized the raunchy comedy genre, marking its resurgence as both a critical and commercial success. The groundbreaking film became a cultural phenomenon, reigniting audience interest in a genre that had lain dormant. Set against the backdrop of high school, it explores the intimate and comedic escapades of the American Pie cast navigating their sexual and romantic relationships as they stand on the brink of adulthood. Its authenticity and humor captured the essence of teenage angst and camaraderie, making it a staple in Hollywood discussions and a timeless entry in the comedy genre.

The film’s success can largely be attributed to its dynamic cast, with Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan leading as the franchise’s central romantic pair. American Pie not only dominated the box office but also shone during the awards season, garnering nominations at the MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards, and securing wins at the Young Hollywood Awards. Its blend of humor, heart, and a bit of scandal set a high benchmark for subsequent entries in the series and left an indelible mark on the comedy genre, establishing it as the quintessential teen comedy of its time.

What The Future Holds For American Pie

Jennifer Coolidge as Stifler's Mom and Eugene Levy as Jim's Dad Drinking Together in American Reunion

Plenty of rumors are circulating about a new American Pie movie, and the great news is that it would be a legacy sequel centering on the mainline characters, not the spinoffs starring Stifler relatives. The movie would be American Pie 5 and would focus on the characters much later in their lives, many years after their class reunion movie. The idea is that they are all now adults with kids of their own, which could lead to them having to deal with what their parents dealt with.

However, the even bigger note is that American Pie 5 would focus on Jim’s dad and Stifler’s mom, a relationship that started in the last movie, American Reunion. Co-writer Jon Hurwitz said the studio knows where to find them if they want to make that movie. However, the problem is that this movie has been rumored for many years now, and it is still not in active development yet. Tara Reid claimed a script was written, but it will take the studio’s greenlight and all the original actors saying yes to finally get this next chapter in their lives moving.

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