Every Death In MaXXXine, Ranked By Brutality

The following contains spoilers for MaXXXine, now playing in theaters.


  • MaXXXine has over a dozen kills, some off-screen and some on-screen, displaying various levels of brutality.
  • Some of the deaths, such as those of León and Detective Torres, are among the saddest moments of the film.
  • The villains suffer brutal on-screen deaths, especially John Labat (Kevin Bacon).

MaXXXina It has some pretty brutal kills, but there are a few that stand out from the rest. The third chapter in the Ti West series X series, MaXXXina brings back Maxine Minx from Mia Goth from 2022 XSet in 1985, an aspiring actress finds her big break at the same time a mysterious investigator finds her. As Maxine tries to deal with the dangers posed by this private investigator and his mysterious client, people in Maxine’s orbit begin to be eliminated in brutal ways. While some deaths occur due to MaXXXinaAlthough the ending of ‘The Last Airbender’ is not shown, its aftermath highlights the brutal side of the horror film.

It should be noted that there is one potential death in the film that is left somewhat ambiguous. Detective Williams (Michelle Monaghan) was severely wounded by Ernest in the climax, but rolled down the hill and away from the final battle, meaning she could have survived the end of the film. This does not detract from the other deaths in the film. MaXXXinaeven those that largely happened off-screen. MaXXXinaThe cast of ‘s suffers over a dozen deaths, with several of the more brutal ones enjoying the gruesome and bloody consequences of the deaths. Here are all the deaths from MaXXXinaclassified by brutality.

Mia Goth as Maxine Minx from MaXXXine (2024) and Mia Goth as Pearl from Pearl (2022) Related I love this quote from MaXXXine that perfectly describes the conclusion of Ti West’s horror trilogy

In the conclusion of Ti West’s X-trilogy, the character Elizabeth Bender describes her film The Puritan in a meta way that also describes MaXXXine.

7 cult members

The cult members appear at the end of MaXXXina And don’t last long


Cult members who follow Ernest Miller help elevate MaXXXinaThe Cult’s on-screen kill count, even if their deaths aren’t as brutal as the film’s more memorable death scenes. The cult members are introduced late in the film, working alongside Ernest in his quest to make a film that will “expose” the darkness of Hollywood. Their actions outside of the film’s plot make their deaths palatable to the audience, especially during the climactic shootout in which they engage with Detective Torres and Detective Williams. While they do die on-screen, many are simply shot once and written out of the film.

There are nearly a dozen cultists who die this way, and Maxine even gets a chance to kill one as they fight each other in a pool. This is the most graphic death of the cultists, but the general lack of importance of the character and the chaos that ensues around him softens the brutal blow compared to the rest of the film. The shootout between the cultists is a wild sequence that quickly sets the stage for the battle. MaXXXinaThe ending of the film underlines the lethal stakes at play in the scene.

6 Detective Torres

Detective Torres is played by Bobby Cannavale


Detective Torres is one of the LAPD officers investigating the murders in the heart of MaXXXinaUnlike the more empathetic Detective Williams, Torres prefers a harsher approach in his interrogation of Maxine and her possible connections to the recent deaths. Despite this, he still risks his life to fight off the cultists and save Maxine in the film’s third act. While Ernest shoots him off-screen during the ensuing fight, Maxine finds him soon after and stays by his side as he bleeds out from his wound against the Hollywood sign.

Torres’ death is arguably one of the saddest in the film, as the movie stays with him during his final moments. Maxine takes a moment to stay by Torres’ side as he fades away, and initially tries to help stop the bleeding. However, her efforts to talk to her are ultimately futile, and she instead leaves his bloodied corpse to go confront Ernest. It’s a realistic and sad moment. The brutal appearance of Torres’ wound and his final moments set the stage for a surprisingly emotional final confrontation, and help set up Ernest’s later explosive death at the hands of the villain’s daughter.

5. Amber James and Tabby Martin

Amber is played by Chloe Farnworth and Tabby is played by Halsey


Tabby and Amber are two friends of Maxine, whose deaths in early… MaXXXina The film puts her on the radar of detectives Williams and Torres. Although their deaths are not seen on screen, audiences are treated to a brief sequence that shows the terror both women suffered after being lured into Ernest’s cult. The two are later found dead with burn marks on their skin, suggesting they had been tortured prior to their deaths. If it is similar to what Maxine barely avoided at the end of the film, then it is possible they received such horrific abuse while still alive.

The deaths of Amber and Tabby are brutal, but they take on a much more disturbing character because of their connection to the film’s ending. Both women were targeted and killed by Ernest because he resented their “sinful” ways and believed that killing them was a reasonable response to their refusal to “find God.” The film implies that their disappearance was particularly painful, and heightens the tension of the film by hinting that a similar fate might be awaiting Maxine. This gives the brutal state they find themselves in a larger role in the story, even if their disappearance is not shown in the film.

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MaXXXine includes clever references to horror stars like Jamie Lee Curtis and the legacy of the genre, highlighting how Mia Goth is an icon of modern horror.

4 Molly Bennett

Molly is played by Lily Collins


Much like Amber and Tabby, Molly is killed by Ernest off-screen after being lured to his home in the Hollywood Hills. However, Molly’s ultimate fate is different than Amber and Tabby’s. While they were definitely scared to death and left with Satanic scars as part of the cult’s plans, their bodies were still largely intact. Molly was instead killed in a more brutal manner, with her body subsequently dismembered and stuffed into a suitcase by Ernest. When Maxine goes to confront the killer, she knocks over the luggage, exposing the severed limbs hidden within.

Molly’s death is more over-the-top in nature than Amber and Tabby’s, which were staged in such a way as to try to fool the police into thinking it was the work of the otherwise unrelated serial killer known as the Night Stalker. Molly’s death is almost cartoonish, with her face locked in an eternal scream suggesting her death was sudden and horrific. However, the way her body is divided suggests it could have been a more deliberate and slow death, implying a potentially much more brutal death.

3 Ernest Miller

Ernest is played by Simon Prast


Ernest Miller is the real villain of MaXXXinaand appropriately suffers a rather brutal death at the climax of the film. Maxine’s father, Ernest, is a televangelist who has developed a cult following around his views on faith and corruption in Hollywood. He is responsible for many of the film’s other brutal deaths, targeting people in Maxine’s orbit and murdering innocent people. Though he proves surprisingly resilient at first, he is eventually shot by Detective Torres and Detective Williams, leaving him wounded enough for Maxine to get to him. Maxine then uses a shotgun to blow his head off.

The gruesome act is seen entirely onscreen, with the film taking a second to show the bloody remains of his head after the fact. It’s a brutal death, but a relatively quick one compared to the brutality of his previous murders. While Ernest may have been in pain before Maxine finishes him off, there’s no implied prolonged torture or gruesome dismemberment involved in his death. Instead, Ernest’s death is brutal more because of the gory imagery than anything else, as well as the way it allows the film’s climax to close explosively.

2 Lion

Leon is played by Moses Sumney


Leon is Maxine’s best friend in MaXXXinaand his death is a major turning point in the film. Leon, a friendly video store clerk, is eventually cornered in his store by Ernest and killed with his own knife, which he had left outside. Ernest initially slashes the back of Leon’s neck before cutting him in the eye, opening it up. As Leon falls to the ground, Ernest continues the attack, stabbing him multiple times in the back. Leon’s death is all onscreen, making it one of the most overtly gruesome deaths in the film.

The audience even gets to see the gruesome denouement, as Maxine witnesses his body being transported the next day. It’s a horrifying and tragic moment. MaXXXina This helps push Maxine to more openly fight John Labat and his (at this point still unknown) benefactor. Leon’s death, like that of Detective Torres and the other actresses killed by Ernest, is notable for highlighting the terror in the characters when they meet their fate. It adds a further tragic layer to the slasher-style killings and reinforces the pain Maxine feels as a result.

1 John Labat

Labat is played by Kevin Bacon


John Labat has the most brutal death of MaXXXinaLabat, a private investigator hired by Ernest to track Maxine, is the primary threat to Maxine for much of the film’s first two acts. Increasingly dangerous as the film progresses, Labat is eventually captured by Maxine and her agent, Teddy Knight. Maxine and Teddy load him into a car and handcuff him to the wheel. They then use a car compactor at a junkyard to crush the vehicle with Labat inside. It’s a gruesome and surprisingly slow death, and Labat grows more frantic as he realizes this is not a threat.

Although the actual moment of the crushing can’t be seen up close, Labat’s screams as the car is crushed are pretty brutal. What makes it worse is the massive amount of blood and gore that leaks out of the car afterward, which is then lapped up by the dogs. It’s a harrowing sequence that gets a touch of justice thanks to Labat’s previous actions. It’s also easily the most brutal moment in the film. MaXXXinaand one of the best deaths of all X series.

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In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx gets her big break, but her rise to stardom is threatened by a mysterious killer who targets aspiring starlets. As the body count rises, secrets from Maxine’s past threaten to come to light, intertwining her quest for fame with a deadly game of survival.

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