Every Known Weakness The Aliens Have In A Quiet Place


  • The Angels of Death’s weaknesses include high-frequency sounds, inability to swim, and unprotected heads.
  • High-frequency sounds temporarily disable and distract the creatures, while their heavy armor makes them vulnerable to drowning.
  • The aliens’ reliance on sound to hunt makes them susceptible to silent attacks and environments with noisy distractions.

Although the aliens in A peaceful place They appear almost indestructible, but several of their weaknesses have been exposed in the films. Released in June 2024. A Quiet Place: Day One marks the third film in the franchise and explores the origins of the aliens. A peaceful placeThe franchise’s timeline now spans over a year. While the human characters have changed with each installment, the creatures have remained the same, allowing for further development of their motives and weaknesses. A Quiet Place: Day OneThe ending allows for a sequel, which will likely further explore the creature lore.

Original to the franchise and known as Angels of Death, these monsters are bloodthirsty and extremely difficult to kill. They walk with outstretched arms and legs and have very sharp three-pronged claws on their hands. Because of their stance and claws, they can run at incredibly high speeds and grab and climb walls, making them a more significant threat. They also have thick armor that protects them from firearms and modern weapons. Because of their physical strength, it’s easy to assume that the aliens are indestructible.

Despite their physical prowess, the creatures are not impossible to destroy and are fairly simple-minded beings. The aliens are driven by an instinctive need to feed and destroy without much forethought. The Angels of Death’s intentions are even reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s aliens in War of the Words. While not the only modern alien creature franchise, A peaceful place and A Quiet Place: Day One were box office hits, cementing the Angels of Death in popular culture. While the aliens are iconic as ruthless killers, they do have some weaknesses, which are explored and exploited by the survivors throughout the series.

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3 High Frequency Sounds

Angels of death react badly to high pitched sounds


Although their amplified hearing is their strong point, allowing them to detect and track their victims from afar, it also becomes their weakness, making them more sensitive to specific frequencies and leaving them more open to attack. High-pitched sounds hinder the Angels of Death, and if the sound is loud enough, it can cause them to become momentarily incapacitated by pain. Loud noises attract the Angels of Death, but do not necessarily hurt them. It is often debated whether the Angels of Death are simply sensitive to high-volume sounds, but it is the high-frequency sounds that bother them.

High-frequency sounds have been used to defeat creatures on several occasions and have become a key plot point in the series. One character uses tuning cochlear implant processors to ward off creatures in A peaceful place and A quiet place IIThe feedback emitted by the device causes the alien to slow down its attack and become frightened, unable to bear the pain. When the sound is amplified by a microphone, the Angel of Death cannot help but expose its fleshy head in its struggle, leaving it vulnerable to further attacks.

Their sensitive hearing also limits their ability to differentiate certain sounds in a noisy environment, weakening their auditory acuity skills. Lots of simultaneous noises, such as running water or fireworks, make their super hearing less useful as they can’t distinguish what is or isn’t prey. Set in the hectic city of New York, A Quiet Place: Day One It explores the hearing powers of aliens and tests their ability to judge relative sound. This is in contrast to the first two films, which are set in quieter suburbs, where every random sound seems to be amplified.

All of the films use sudden, loud noises as jump scares and important plot points. Throughout the franchise, survivors are able to use this weakness and create loud noises that distract and hinder the Angels of Death. The sound of rushing water is the main way they have figured out how to hide their conversations from the creatures. Even when in these noisy environments, they sometimes resort to sign language to protect themselves. Humans often approach running water, such as waterfalls or heavy rain, as a distraction or to hide and defend themselves from the blind creatures.

2 Water

The angels of death can’t swim.


To add insult to injury, the Angels of Death cannot swim. Due to their heavy armor, they also drown quickly. It is likely that the world the aliens come from did not have water, as they do not need it to survive and have not adapted to it. However, they are not averse to water and will not shy away from it if prey is present, much like the Angel of Death diving into the flooded basement in the first film to try and find a victim. They cannot swim in deep or hard bodies of water, however.

Humans can use this knowledge of the Angels of Death’s weakness to their advantage. A quiet place IIA small colony of survivors lives relatively normally on an island with little fear of the Angels of Death reaching them. The survivors explain that the government knew that the creatures could not swim and tried to evacuate people to the island, although only a few succeeded. The only way the creature manages to reach the island is through a human invention, as it sneaks onto a ship and drifts undetected.

This weakness is often only exploited if the environment allows it, by introducing an island or large body of water on which to act.

A Quiet Place: Day One The Angels of Death’s aquatic weakness is also explored. Since the military knows that the monsters cannot swim, they are quick to take advantage of this deficiency to slow the spread of the alien invasion. To save the city, they blow up the bridges leading to and from Manhattan. This effectively traps the aliens on the island and the remaining survivors, who are promised that boats will arrive to rescue them. This weakness is often only exploited if the setting allows for it, by introducing an island setting or a large body of water on which the action can occur.

1 The anatomy of aliens

The heads of the angels of death are unprotected and have no eyes.


Although their bodies are protected by thick armor, the heads of the Angels of Death are their weakest points. However, it is only if the head is exposed that they can be killed by a human. Parts of their head regularly open up to help them measure sound and hear from further away. Plates lining the front of their faces extend and contract to hear better, and the backs of their heads can open up into ear-like structures that amplify sound. However, these movements are often carefully controlled so that they are not vulnerable to attack.

The Angels of Death’s design is reminiscent of several animals, including the long arms of a gorilla and the scaly, fibrous appearance of a bat. Also, like bats, the aliens do not see well and use their acute sense of hearing to hunt.

One of the ways humans get the creatures to expose their weaknesses is through the high, loud frequencies of cochlear implants, causing them to panic and instinctively open their armor. In the movies, they are shot and stabbed in the head while their defenses are down. With their guard and armor up, access to their weakest points is minimal, making it very difficult to defeat them without a plan. Combining this weakness with another, such as their repulsion to high-frequency sounds or a silent sneak attack, allows humans to defend themselves against the Angels of Death.

Since the aliens come from a lightless planet and cannot see, they have to rely primarily on their heightened sense of hearing. Although hearing alone usually works well for them, the lack of sight can be a hindrance. Since they locate their victims by sound, hunting them is particularly difficult in noisy environments. In several scenes in the films, characters can sneak up on the aliens when something loud is happening. They also cannot detect someone if they are silent in a room, and some survivors have managed to escape by remaining still and silent.

Their size is also sometimes a hindrance, as they do not fit into smaller places, such as the bunker.
A quiet place II
to reach its prey.

However, this visual weakness is not always a bad thing, especially in dark situations when the victim cannot see. This means that both are equally disadvantaged without sight, but the creature still has its heightened sense of hearing. Similarly, in an environment such as basement flooding in A peaceful placeThe Angel of Death uses its heightened hearing to disappear into the water and better track its prey by hearing it underwater without needing to see. Only by hiding behind a broken pipe of noisy, running water can the survivor go unnoticed.

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Although they initially seem indestructible, exploiting the Angels of Death’s few weaknesses has allowed some humans to survive for over a year throughout the franchise. The creatures are intelligent, but often not smart enough to catch the main characters, who are often able to escape due to a convenient coincidence. But this doesn’t mean the aliens haven’t killed thousands of people before, including some of the franchise’s heroes. Despite their few weaknesses, the Angels of Death’s formidable opponents are still a force to be reckoned with. A peaceful place They have proven to be worthy adversaries in any post-apocalyptic world, making them iconic and fearsome modern monsters.

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A Quiet Place is a film franchise that centers on a post-apocalyptic Earth following an alien invasion by vicious creatures who are blind but have unparalleled hearing. Beginning with the first film in 2018, the main plot revolves around the Abbott family, who use sign language to communicate with each other in a world where an errant sound can mean death.

Created by John Krasinski, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods First film A Quiet Place Cast John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, Cillian Murphy, Djimon Hounsou, Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn and Alex Wolff Character(s) Evelyn Abbott, Lee Abbott, Marcus Abbott, Regan Abbott and Emmett (A Quiet Place)

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