Every Titan In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire


  • In
    Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire
    , several Titans play a significant role in the story.
  • Kong is the central Titan in the film, and does battle against Skar King and Shimo.
  • Godzilla is the Alpha Titan and protector of the surface world, and as such he teams with Kong to stop Skar King and Shimo from taking over the planet.

Like all movies in Legendary’s Monsterverse, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is filled with enormous Titans who have the power to reshape the world. The massive franchise began in 2014 with Godzilla, starring an incredibly talented cast for the latest franchise based on the popular Japanese kaiju. Since then, the Monsterverse has expanded to include five feature films, an animated series, and a live action series on Apple TV+.

Throughout the series, both Godzilla and Kong have battled some of the toughest Titans of all time, but the latest entry in the MonsterVerse franchise has expanded that list a lot. Thanks to parts of the film playing out both on the surface of the Earth, where Godzilla protects the world from other threats, and in the Hollow Earth, where Kong roams as the undisputed king, a lot of new monsters join the fray. For the most part, these monsters failed to match up with the powers of Kong and Godzilla, but they certainly made things more interesting.

10 Kong (Titanus Kong)

The guardian of humanity and ruler of the Hollow Earth surface world

Kong holds his staff in Hollow Earth in Godzilla x Kong The New Empire

Kong first appeared in 2017’s Kong: Skull Island. The aging behemoth served for a long time as the leader and protector of Skull Island and the native people who lived there under his protection, the Iwi tribe. Kong is incredibly powerful, and a skilled fighter who fiercely protects his home and those who he trusts. After the events of Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong returns to his ancestral home in Hollow Earth, and that is where he appears in the beginning of Godzilla x Kong.

The film sees Kong exploring the lands deep inside the Earth hoping to find more of his own species. However, the area is also full of potential threats seeking to harm Kong. Fortunately, Kong is incredibly intelligent, and able to set up multiple traps, build weapons, and establish a home base complete with a shower to care for himself. Despite this, he is injured badly early in Godzilla X Kong, which leads him to getting help from his allies at Monarch on the surface. They have specially prepared equipment and augmentations, like his B.E.A.S.T. gauntlet, to help Kong defend himself.

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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire sees the former foes unite against a common enemy, while the ending lays the groundwork for another MonsterVerse film.

9 Godzilla (Titanus Gojira)

The Alpha Titan and protector of the surface world


Godzilla proved himself to be the King of the Monsters, and a necessary, albeit incredibly destructive, force for good on the surface world. Godzilla remains on the surface and is usually resting within the ancient Roman Colosseum, much to the dismay of the Italian government. However, when threats are approaching, Godzilla is awoken by his psychic link to other Titans, and special technologies that exist in the Hollow Earth.

When he is awoken in Godzilla x Kong, Godzilla goes in search of sources to power up and prepare for a fight that could potentially be his greatest challenge yet. Godzilla has the ability to absorb energy from nuclear power sites, and particularly irradiated Titans whose DNA and radiation he can absorb. Godzilla is able to evolve and increase his strength after absorbing energy from Tiamat, which changes the color of his atomic energy from blue to pink.

8 Scylla

The crustacean Titan who challenged Godzilla in Rome

Scylla in Godzilla x Kong

Early in the film, Godzilla is seen fighting Scylla in Rome. This Titan has some features in common with a large crustacean, like a crab or lobster. Scylla is similar in type to other Toho kaiju like Ebirah and Ganimes, but she does not have claws or pincers. The creature has six long spindly legs and is encased in a tough outer shell. Scylla also has several tentacles that extend from her mouth and can be used to wrap around and grasp her enemies.

Scylla is causing destruction in Rome, and may have even been challenging Godilla’s rule when he steps in to put her down as a threat to the surface world that he protects. Together, the two Titans cause intense destruction, but with relatively little effort, Godzilla gains the upper hand and eliminates the threat. A direct blast of Godzilla’s atomic breath is enough to make her explode, killing her instantly and spraying both Godzilla and the surrounding area with her yellow blood.

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7 Suko

A headstrong juvenile member of Kong’s species

Baby Kong from Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire looking sad

In the Hollow Earth, Kong eventually stumbles into an unexplored territory known as the Subterranean Realm. This area is full of new creatures and areas that Kong was unfamiliar with, and one of the first creatures he meets there is one that appears to be in the same family as himself. Suko, or “Baby Kong,” as he has endearingly become known, has a thin coat of orange hair, and is huge in comparison to humans, but much smaller than the adult, fully-grown Kong.

When Suko first appears, Kong is overwhelmed to see one of his own kind, but quickly learns that the creature is not interested in becoming friends. Suko and a group of Skar King’s Great Ape minions attack Kong and attempt to overpower him. However, Kong is a far more experienced fighter, more well-nourished, and simply stronger than his competition. Suko eventually warms up to Kong once he learns more about his genuine compassion and consideration, which is unlike anything he experienced in his troop.

6 Subterranean Realm Great Apes

The minions of Skar King

The Scar King standing in front of other apes in Godzilla x Kong

Alongside Suko, a small group of warrior or search party Titan apes attack Kong. However, Kong soon learns of a huge civilization of these Apes that exists in the Subterranean Realm. These powerful creatures have been imprisoned and made subject to a vile and cruel leader who forces them to work at what appears to be pointless menial labor, gathering large rocks.

The Subterranean Titans appear to be divided into different groups, which include workers and warriors.

The workers appear malnourished, losing hair, and thinner than the other group. However, the warriors do not appear to be in much better shape as they appear physically stronger, but each is scarred and injured, potentially by the ape in charge, who appears to be prone towards violence against his own kind. Eventually, Kong is able to liberate these apes from their enslavement, and offer them a brighter future.

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5 Skar King

The tyrannical ruler of the Subterranean Realm


The sadistic ape Titan Skar King is the aggressive and ambitious tyrant of the Subterranean Realm. He resembles a lean orangutan, with long slender limbs, but a lean and muscular frame. His fur is reddish in color, with war paint markings and scars on his body likely acquired from his previous conflict with Godzilla before he was imprisoned. He also wields a weapon made of bones known as the Whipslash, which has a sharp crystal in its tip that can control his greatest asset, the ice Titan Shimo.

Skar King was a dissenter from the group of Titan apes who helped to protect the Iwi tribe and remain in the Hollow Earth. Skar King had greater ambitions to rule over humanity, and freely roam on the surface as the leader of every realm of the Earth. However, when he rose up and gathered a large group of apes to support him, Godzilla was able to overpower him and his followers, and imprison them in the depths of the Subterranean Realm.

4 Shimo

Shimo towers over Kong in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Shimo has the most raw power of any Titan in Godzilla X Kong, although her power is matched by the evolved Godzilla. However, it appears that her intelligence is slightly behind that of the Alpha Titans, as she exhibits behaviors more like a pet, such as enjoying being petted, and allowing other Titans to ride on its back. Shimo resembles Godzilla in its appearance, although her powers are ice-based. In fact, Shimo is revealed to have been the cause of the Ice Age, with her powerful blasts literally changing the atmosphere on the entire face of the Earth.

Shimo is a captive of Skar King, and she is controlled with the sharp crystal in Skar King’s Whipslash weapon. The crystal is potentially one of Shimo’s own dorsal crystals, although Skar King found a way to wield it and inflict excruciating pain on Shimo and force her to do his will. When Shimo is eventually freed from the control of the Skar King, she turns on her cruel captor and quickly turns him into ice. Her ice blasts were also shown to cause Kong to suffer intense frost bite after a short blast.

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3 Tiamat (Titanus Tiamat)

Tiamat from Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire

Tiamat is an aquatic and serpentine type Titan that resides deep in the ocean. Tiamat is the guardian of great power, which Godzilla wishes to access in order to charge up ahead of the incoming great battle. Due to its position on the planet, Tiamat’s lair is one of the largest deposits of solar radiation on Earth. The creature is long and slender, with a dark green coloration and sharp purple fins. She also has a large frill around her neck which is extended out in combat in order to scare off potential threats.

Godzilla makes short work of Tiamat, quickly killing the creature and getting to the power reserves the Titan formerly protected. While this could leave the impression that Tiamat was a lesser threat, the reality is that she and Godzilla have tangled before, and Tiamat had the Alpha Titan on the ropes. In the graphic novel prequel Godzilla: Dominion, Tiamat ambushes a weakened Godzilla after his battle with Ghidorah and nearly kills him before Godzilla forces her to submit.

2 Drownviper (Hollow Earth Water Snake)Kong battles the Drownviper in Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire

Another snake-like Titan is seen in the Subterranean Realm as Kong follows Suko back home, known as the Drownviper. This creature appears only briefly, and is mostly under the water’s surface, which makes it difficult to identify its features. However, the creature had prominent blue coloring with yellow stripes along its long thin body and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. Suko baits Kong into its lair, hoping to get it to kill Kong, but Kong kills the creature and takes pieces of its body for meat, which he shares with Suko despite his trick.

The creature resembles the Leviathan Titan that has been referenced and hinted at in previous MonsterVerse films, but due to its location in the Subterranean Realm, it is likely to at most be of the same species, rather than the same Leviathan Titan referenced in the earlier movies. The creature terrifies Suko, and he believes it to be strong enough to kill Kong, which means that it likely harmed or killed other Great Ape Titans.

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1 Mothra

Mothra's appears in Jia's eye as she has vision in Godzilla x Kong

While Godzilla became the undisputed King of Monsters on the Earth’s surface, Godzilla x Kong reveals a lot of information about Mothra through the Iwi tribe. Mothra is hailed as the Queen of the Monsters, and the guardian of the portals that lead to the surface. Mothra is worshiped by the Iwi people, with them building special temples dedicated to the Titan. They work in unison with her to create firm boundaries that separate the surface world and the Hollow Earth.

All Major Titans in Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire


First Monsterverse Appearance


Kong: Skull Island (2017)


Godzilla (2014)


Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Skar King

Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (2024)


Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (2024)


Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (2024)


Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)


Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (2024)


Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (2024)

Mothra is also an ally to Godzilla and Kong, and is capable to communicate with both and instruct them to work together. Mothra is awoken by Jia, the last surviving member of the Iwi tribe from Skull Island, when she visits her sister tribe in the Hollow Earth. Mothra displays incredible intelligence, compassion, and care towards the Iwi people, and preserves the natural order between the Titans and the worlds above and below in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

Godzilla x Kong The New Empire Film Poster Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire PG-13ActionAdventureFantasy ScreenRant logo

After nearly destroying each other in 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong, the giant Titans are back to face a new dangerous threat, but this time, they are on the same side. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is the fifth film in Warner Bros.’ growing Monsterverse franchise and will be directed by Adam Wingard.

Director Adam Wingard Release Date March 29, 2024 Studio(s) Legendary Pictures Distributor(s) Warner Bros. Pictures Writers Terry Rossio , Adam Wingard , Simon Barrett , Jeremy Slater Cast Dan Stevens , Rebecca Hall , Brian Tyree Henry , Kaylee Hottle , Fala Chen Runtime 115 Minutes Franchise(s) Godzilla , King Kong , Monsterverse prequel(s) Godzilla (2014) , Kong: Skull Island , Godzilla: King of the Monsters , Godzilla Vs Kong Main Genre Action Expand

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