My Adventures With Superman’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained, Cast, Plot and More

My Adventures with Superman

“My Adventures with Superman” marks the fascinating evolution of the beloved DC Comics character Superman in the adult animated superhero series, delves into his iconic story. Developed under the creative direction of Jake Wyatt, the series combines the expertise of Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment with the exceptional animation talent of South Korea’s Studio Mir.

The series premiered on Adult Swim in July 2023 to enthusiastic reception from fans and critics, who appreciated its fresh take on the Superman mythos. One of the standout features of the show is its exploration of interesting themes, with the multiverse taking center stage. This concept allows the show to push the boundaries of storytelling, introducing audiences to different versions of characters and the endless possibilities within the DC Universe.

My Adventures with Superman Episode 7 Review and Ending Explained

In episode seven, titled “Kiss Kiss Fall In Portal,” the story takes an exciting detour from the central narrative, introducing the concept of the multiverse. Clark reveals his alien heritage to Lois and Jimmy and takes them to the Kent farm in Smallville. Clark and Lois decided to start over and even planned a date. However, their plans are interrupted when a unique fifth-dimensional imp named Mr. Mxyzptlk arrives, claiming that Louis is in danger. Mxy possesses the power to manipulate reality and takes Clark on a journey across different Earths to prove his status as Superman in multiple realities.

Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy encounter the Lois Lane Alliance, a galactic peacekeeping organization composed of various versions of Lois Lane from different Earths. The League seeks their help in finding Clark and Mxy. Lois discovers the ambiguity within the League regarding Clark/Superman and discovers a mysterious Superman file called “File X” that can only be accessed through League headquarters. The plot intensifies as Mxy escapes with his chaotic powers and heads to Earth-12, leading to a confrontation with the League, Clark and Lois.

The episode ends with a dramatic revelation as Lois activates a holographic sequence in the Sphere’s files, showing an evil version of Superman wreaking havoc on their respective Earths. Lois is aware of the suspicion people have about Superman and the danger he could pose in other realities. Mxy appears again, hinting at the significance of a glowing green rock, which turns out to be Kryptonite, a powerful weapon against the Kryptonians.


My Adventures with Superman Episode 7 Cast



Lana Long

Jeanne Tirado

Kara Zor-El

Kiana Madera

Jimmy Olson

Ishmael Saheed

clark kent

Jack Quaid

lois lane

Alice Lee


Azuri Hardy-Jones

Winslow Short

Michael Yuchak

My Adventures with Superman Episode 7 Plot

In this riveting episode of My Adventures with Superman, the show takes a bold turn as Clark Kent finally reveals his truth to Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. This vulnerable moment deepens the bond between the three friends, and Clark’s decision to reveal his alien heritage and Superman’s secret identity marks a critical moment of trust and growth. They visit the Kent farm in Small’s prequel, where Clark activates the spaceship site, a symbolic move that demonstrates his commitment to honesty and his desire to repair the relationships that matter most to him.

However, the tranquility of this moment was soon broken by the arrival of the mysterious and naughty little devil from the fifth dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk. He claims that Lois is in grave danger, setting off a chain of events that thrusts the characters into a whirlwind adventure that spans different Earths. Mxy’s reality-bending abilities provide a visually stunning and conceptually interesting journey as he challenges Clark’s identity in multiple realities. This exploration of the multiverse not only adds complexity to the narrative, but also teases the existence of various superhumans from different Earths, hinting at the endless possibilities within the DC Universe.

Meanwhile, Louis and Jimmy’s encounter with Louis Lanez’s alliance adds another layer of excitement and mystery. This galactic peacekeeping agency is made up of different versions of Lois Lane from different Earths, raising interesting questions about the nature of identity and the roles these counterparts play in different realities. The League’s request for help in finding Clark and Mxy brings a sense of urgency and adventure, leading to a dramatic confrontation that promises to reveal Superman’s dark side in a parallel world.

The episode deftly weaves together elements of trust, identity, and multiverse exploration, pushing the show’s boundaries and leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter. As the characters grapple with these challenges, My Adventures with Superman continues to forge its own unique path in the superhero genre, combining nostalgia, character depth and a fresh take on the DC Universe.

My Adventures with Superman Episode 7 Review

My Adventures with Superman Episode 7 delivers an exciting and thought-provoking entry that expands the scope of the series into the vast multiverse. This episode perfectly balances character development, suspense, and exploration of the DC Universe while keeping the heart of the story focused on the dynamic trio of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen.

The appearance of Mr. Mxyzptlk, a fifth-dimensional imp, adds a delightful layer of chaos to the story. David Errigo Jr.’s voice acting is excellent, capturing the character’s mischievous yet charming essence. Mxy’s interactions with Clark, especially the journey through the warped realities of different Earths, not only showcase the creative animation style but also emphasize the complexities of identity and existence.

The addition of the Lois Lane Alliance is a brilliant move that highlights Lois Lane’s uniqueness while raising interesting questions about her counterparts in the multiverse. The exploration of their collective efforts to find Clark and Mxy provides a new perspective and contributes to Lois’ personal growth throughout the plot.

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