Revenant Kdrama Ending Explained: Unraveling the Supernatural Mysteries

The Revenant Korean Drama

The 2023 Korean drama The Revenant has captivated viewers with its gripping storyline and talented cast. The drama is written by Kim Eun-hee, a famous screenwriter who is famous for works such as “Kingdom”, and has a strong cast, led by Kim Tae-ri, Oh Jung-se and Hong Kyung. The drama, which premiered on June 23 and ended on July 29, was broadcast on SBS TV prime time at 22:00 (Korean time) on Fridays and Saturdays, attracting viewers with its supernatural elements and strong sense of mystery.

The story revolves around San-Yeong, a young woman who is unknowingly possessed by an evil entity. At her side is folklore professor Hae Sang, who has the unique ability to see ghosts. As they come together, they begin to discover the truth behind a series of mysterious suicides plaguing the city. Audiences will be on an emotional roller coaster ride as the story unfolds, filled with thrilling plot twists and engaging character development. With the pair’s unexpected collaboration, the show delves into themes of greed, sacrifice, and redemption while deftly exploring the supernatural world. The release of The Revenant on Disney+ in select territories has also expanded its global audience, further solidifying its status as a must-see series in 2023.

“The Revenant” Korean drama ending explained

In the final scene of The Revenant, Haesang arranges a special outing for Sanying to attend a unique fireworks festival. Unlike a typical firework display, this festival is a purification ritual that sends wandering ghosts to a better place through the power of human desire. Despite defeating the evil spirit Hyangi, San-Yeong still retains the ability to see ghosts, and this festival allows her to witness those ghosts being laid to rest. It’s a poignant moment as Samyoung reflects on the journey she’s been on, the battles she’s faced, and the growth she’s experienced throughout the series.

As fireworks light up the sky, Haesang expresses hope that Samyoung can find happiness too. However, as they admire the colorful spectacle together, Sanying begins to go blind again. She again became aware that her eyesight was deteriorating, which added a touch of melancholy to an otherwise joyful occasion. Despite her setbacks, San-Yeong remains determined to face any challenge that comes her way because she recognizes the importance of living life to the fullest and pursuing her own happiness. The scene leaves the audience with mixed emotions, appreciating the character’s growth and resilience while also feeling sympathy for her ongoing struggles.


The Revenant Episode 12 Release Date

The highly anticipated 12th episode of The Revenant will be released on Saturday, July 29, 2023. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the latest installment of the series, finally waiting for the day when they can indulge in the thrilling continuation of the story.

The release times for The Revenant Episode 12 have been carefully planned to suit different time zones, ensuring fans in different regions can enjoy the new episodes at the same time. For viewers in the Pacific Time (PT) region, the episode airs at 6 a.m. Pacific Time (PT), providing an early morning treat for viewers on the West Coast. Fans in the US East Coast and Eastern Time (ET) regions will have the opportunity to watch the episode at 9:00 AM, setting the perfect tone for a Sunday morning full of excitement and anticipation. For viewers in the UK and British Summer Time (BST) areas, the series airs at 2pm so they can watch new episodes in the afternoon (perhaps after a nice lunch).

The series airs at 3pm Central European Summer Time (CEST), giving viewers across Europe the opportunity to relax and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of The Revenant.

The release of episode 12 marks a major milestone for the series, moving the storyline forward and leaving fans with lingering questions and anticipation for what happens next. The viewing experience was further enriched by the excitement and discussion shared on social media as viewers from different corners of the world tuned in to watch the latest episode.

Episode 12 of The Revenant certainly delivered on its promise, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this thrilling saga.

Where can I watch the Korean drama The Revenant?

The Revenant is available on Disney Plus with two subscription plans, allowing viewers to watch the series and various other titles on the platform. Subscribers can choose between a standard plan priced at $10.99 per month or a more affordable ad-supported plan priced at $7.99 per month. No matter which plan is adopted, the audience can enjoy the finale that fans have been waiting for – episode 12. The drama tells the story of prosecutor Goo San-young who is possessed by a demon, while Yeom Hae-sang, a folklore professor with the ability to see demons, is constantly searching for the demon. The demon in Goo Sam Young is the same demon that murdered Yeom Hae Sang’s mother, which adds intrigue to the plot. As viewers eagerly await the finale, they wonder if the story will come to an end or if it will set the stage for the next season, leaving them engrossed in the captivating narrative.

“The Revenant” stars Oh Jung-se as Yeom Hae-sang, Kim Tae-ri as Goo San-young, and Hong Kyung as Lee Hong-se. Each role is played by a talented cast. The show’s thrilling premise of demonic possession, combined with the protagonist’s unique ability to see these entities, guarantees a tense and gripping storyline. As the finale approaches, viewers are on the edge of their seats, anticipating how the characters’ fates will intertwine and whether they will finally be able to solve the mystery surrounding them. With its striking cast and intriguing plot, The Revenant has captured the attention of K-drama fans and continues to draw viewers into exploring the show’s supernatural world.

The Revenant Kdrama cast list

actor Features Role
Kim Tae-ri Gu Sanrong A prosecutor is involved in a mysterious death
Wu Zhengshi Prime Minister Lian Hai Folklore professor with the ability to see spirits and spirits
Hong Qing Li Hongshi Violent Crimes Unit Lieutenant
Kim Hae Sook Luo Bingxi Yeom Hai Sang’s grandmother and CEO of Zhongxian Capital
Park Ji Young Yin Qingwen Goo Samyoung’s mother
Jin Yuanhai Xu Wentian Lee Hong Se’s partner
Liang Huizhi Bai Shimei Koo San Young’s high school classmates prepare for civil service exam
Li Kuihui Kim Ji-won Luo Bingxi’s closest assistant and vice president of Zhongxian Capital
Chen Shangui Gu Kangmo Koo Sanyoung’s father and former folklore professor

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