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Welcome to the fascinating world of Twin Mind 4: No One Is Here, a thrilling detective story filled with elements of mysticism. In this game, you play as a skilled detective tasked with investigating crimes that appear to be taking place in rooms that are sealed off from the outside world. Your keen investigative skills will be put to the test as you work to uncover the truth behind this mysterious case while exploring a compelling storyline filled with twists and turns.

In order to successfully complete the game, your main goal is to find and collect various inventory items scattered in different locations. These items will play a vital role in solving puzzles, unlocking new areas, and ultimately advancing the storyline. Be careful and observant because every piece of evidence you uncover is crucial to piecing together this intricate crime mystery.

As you delve deeper into the mystery, you’ll encounter engaging mini-games and hidden object scenes. These challenges will not only provide an exciting diversion, but also provide valuable rewards and clues to help you in your investigation.

If you encounter any obstacles or find yourself confused by a particular puzzle, have no fear! The game offers a helpful Suggestions button, conveniently located in the magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner. By taking advantage of this feature, you can get tips and guidance to overcome any difficulties you may encounter along the way.

To facilitate seamless exploration and movement between locations, be sure to consult a map of the area. This indispensable tool will allow you to navigate with ease, allowing you to quickly travel to different locations in search of key clues.

Rest assured, this guide will provide comprehensive help without the need for constant scaling. The accompanying screenshots will show the image that has been enlarged, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Get ready for an immersive adventure filled with suspense, mystery and the thrill of solving complex crimes. Use your detective instincts and embark on this fascinating journey to uncover the secrets hidden in Twin Mind 4: No One Is Here. Good luck, Detective!

Twin Hearts 4 Walkthrough

Welcome to an informative walkthrough for Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here. In this thrilling detective story with elements of the occult, you will join twin detectives Eleanor and Randall as they investigate the mysterious death of a science center employee. The victim died from within in a closed room, suggesting possible foul play. Your mission is to help the detectives search for clues, reconstruct events, and uncover the criminals’ ingenious plan.

Throughout the game, you need to search for inventories in various locations and use them correctly to advance the story. You’ll also encounter mini-games and hidden object scenes that will challenge your puzzle-solving skills. Don’t worry; if you get stuck, you can get tips via the Suggestions button and quickly navigate via the map.

The game offers different difficulty modes, from Easy to Special, allowing you to tailor the challenge level to your liking. In easier mode, active areas are highlighted, and mini-game skip and hint buttons reload quickly. In harder modes, active areas are not highlighted and there is no skip button, making the game more challenging.

Chapter 1: Laboratory Murder

  • Find and use repellent, pencils, and repellent on broken pencils to get a pencil.
  • Play Hidden Object Puzzles (HOP) to get lists of evidence. Use the key found in the evidence list to open the cabinet and obtain the Fang Pendant, Lighter, and Charger.
  • Charge your phone and use it on the evidence list to reveal hidden messages.
  • Use the solvent and handkerchief to get the amulet. Solve the puzzles in the Thanatos Wheel Manual to get the code to the safe.
  • Use the codes on the safe to reveal story-related messages and advance through the game.

Chapter 2: Ghost Suit

  • Get heat shrink tubing, hanger hooks and lobby photos. Solve the puzzles to advance in the chapter.
  • Use a hair dryer and heat shrink tubing to reveal the hidden numbers.
  • Use Polaroid photos to solve puzzles to progress further.

Chapter 3: After the Fire

  • Use powder packs and hooks to remove keys and advance the story.
  • Solve a series of puzzles to earn the Lab Key and the Thanatos Wheel Manual.
  • Use liquid nitrogen and bricks to get the door code.
  • Use the combination lock to solve puzzles to advance in the chapter.

Chapter 4: On the Police

  • Use a cold welder, a wooden board, and nails from the pole to create a hook on the rope.
  • Use the hook on the rope to continue.
  • Use coins and buttons to solve puzzles to advance the story.
  • Use the Universal Liquid Key to open doors and advance in the game.

Chapter 5: Research Center

  • Obtain the Glass Knife, Glass Knife and Rune Pendant. Use them to progress further.
  • Use the spectrum machine in the lecture hall and solve puzzles to unlock the safe and get model motorcycle wheels.
  • Use the Rune Pendant to open the door and continue forward.
  • Use the code to unlock the lab door and make progress.

Chapter 6: Spectral Machine

  • Solve puzzles and use items like glass knives and slingshots to advance through chapters.
  • Get a diving mask, oxygen tank, and fins to assemble your diving equipment.
  • Solve the puzzles and use the diving equipment to move forward.

Chapter 7: Yacht

  • Obtain various items such as jacks, levers, and ropes to advance the story.
  • Use the fishing rod and cable to continue the game.
  • Solve the puzzles and use the diving equipment to move on.

Chapter 8: Yacht Club

  • Obtain items such as millstones and nooses to advance the story.
  • Use ladders, masts, and tackle to obtain signal lights.
  • Use semaphores to progress further in this chapter.

Continue to follow the walkthrough and solve puzzles to uncover secrets and track down the culprit in Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here. Good luck on your detective journey!


Two Hearts 4 Guide

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here! In this detective story filled with mystery, you need to solve the mystery of a crime committed in a locked room. This guide will help you find clues, restore the details of the incident, and ultimately uncover the criminals’ clever plan. let’s start!

Investigate the crime scene:

As a detective, your journey begins at the crime scene. Explore the locked rooms carefully and look for any clues left behind. Interact with objects and examine your surroundings to find any hidden items or information that might be crucial to your investigation. Collect inventory items:

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter various inventory items scattered across various locations. Be sure to collect these items as they are crucial to solving puzzles and advancing the story. Use inventory items wisely:

Collected items need to be used at specific points in the game to overcome obstacles and unlock new areas. Think critically and try different combinations to achieve your goals. Play mini-games and hidden object scenes:

“Twin Mind 4” features fun mini-games and challenging hidden object scenes. These sections not only provide a fun diversion, but also provide valuable rewards and additional clues for your investigation. Take advantage of the Suggest button:

If you encounter any difficulties or encounter difficulties at any time, please do not hesitate to use the “Suggest” button. The Suggestions button represented by a magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner will give you tips on overcoming obstacles. Reference map:

To navigate the game locations efficiently, use the map feature. Maps will help you move quickly between areas, saving you time and ensuring you don’t miss any key details. Pay attention to the storyline:

The plot of “Two Hearts 4” is twists and turns, and every detail is important. Keep your attention during dialogue and cutscenes, as they may contain clues crucial to solving the case. Analysis and Reasoning:

As a skilled detective, use your analytical skills and deductive reasoning to piece together clues and solve mysteries. Think outside the box and consider all possibilities before jumping to conclusions. Enjoy the journey:

Twin Mind 4: No One Was Present offers an immersive and thrilling experience. Immerse yourself in the game’s interesting world and enjoy the excitement of solving fascinating crimes. With this guide, you’re ready to start investigating and investigating. Uncover the truth behind the secret room mystery. Good luck and may your detective skills lead you to victory in Twin Mind 4!

Twin Hearts 4 Gameplay

In Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here, players embark on a fascinating detective journey filled with mystery. The game focuses on investigating a puzzling crime committed in a room that is locked from the inside. In the process of in-depth investigation of the complex cases, players must carefully search for clues, restore the ins and outs of the incident, and uncover the cunning plan of the criminals.

Throughout the game, the focus is on exploring crime scenes and other locations, carefully examining objects and collecting necessary inventory items. These collected items are indispensable tools for overcoming challenges and advancing the storyline. Various types of puzzles challenge players’ cognitive abilities, ranging from logic-based deductions to interactive puzzles.

To enrich the game experience, “Twin Mind 4” provides hidden object scenes, where players must keenly observe the cluttered environment to find specific items that are crucial to advancing the investigation. Additionally, players will encounter narrative-aligned mini-games and challenges that test their problem-solving abilities.

Interactions and conversations with characters provide valuable insights and further the plot. As players gather clues, the storyline unfolds, revealing interesting plot twists and revelations.

To help players when faced with a dilemma, a helpful Suggestion button is available, allowing access to hints without revealing the entire solution. Additionally, the game offers maps that allow you to quickly navigate between locations, track your progress, and identify areas that require further exploration.

Immersive visuals, atmospheric sound effects, and captivating music create an enchanting atmosphere that draws players deeper into the mysterious world of “Twin Mind 4: Nobody’s Here.” With engaging gameplay and an immersive storyline, the game will be a rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience for seasoned detectives and newcomers to the genre.

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