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Wayfinder Throat of Night

Wayfinder Nights Maw is a difficult boss fight that takes place in the highlands. Inside the cave, you’ll find the Nightmaw, a giant wurm. In order to lure out this creature, you need to use something called a Wurm Bait. The process of summoning is not simple, so it is important for players to master the nuances. Additionally, familiarity with the Nightmaw’s abilities and skills is a must.

This understanding can really help in planning a winning strategy for a battle. Preparation is key, and players are advised to keep Wurm Bait around until they complete the specific Wish Upon a Star quest. This way, they get the best reward for their hard work.

Preparing for the Maw of Night boss battle requires more than just understanding the mechanics of the fight. It’s also about optimizing your gear, skills, and tactics. By combining the right tactics with well-timed actions, players can improve their odds of defeating the Nightmaw and enjoying the benefits that come with it.


Wayfinder is a creative free-to-play online action role-playing game developed by Airship Syndicate and created by Digital Extremes. Set in the broken realm of Avanor, players harness the power of Pathfinder abilities to bring order to chaos. Working with allies can enhance these abilities, customizing adventures involving exploration, gathering resources, and crafting.

Venture into dungeons, battle enemies, collect valuable resources, and forge alliances to protect Evennor from an ancient evil. Be influenced by the elemental energy emanating from the beacon and uncover the mysteries of past conflicts. This world intricately weaves magic and power into the fabric of destiny, offering an invitation to actively shape the future.


Pathfinding game

In Wayfinder’s Journey, you take on the role of Wayfinder, using your unique talents to face a world on the verge of being taken over. Your mission revolves around taming chaos, participating in endless adventures with fellow Pathfinders, and drawing strength from unity.

At the heart of the game is the central theme of “mastering chaos.” With the mysterious Dark Dagger as your guide, each adventure can be tailored to guide you through a variety of challenges. Your interactions, resource utilization, and cooperation with other pathfinders can be shaped to your liking, ensuring each adventure is unique.

Think of yourself as a Pathfinder, honing a variety of skills including magic, melee combat, and cutting-edge technology. Together with your friends, you’ll travel through a dynamic world, customizing your journey to suit your personal style and decisions.

Uncover new areas, encounter strange creatures, and collect valuable resources as you explore the Underdark. As you forge powerful gear, awaken new Pathfinders, and advance meticulously through your Atlas, you’ll steadily advance to become the master of the game.

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