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Where are the cultists in Fallout 76?

Followers of the Mothman Cult feature prominently in Fallout 76, and can be found in multiple locations across Appalachia. Some of the best places to meet cultists are:

Mothman Museum and Point Pleasant:

This location is a major center for the cult, as it was the original site of many Mothman sightings before they moved to the Lucky Hole Mine and spread throughout Appalachia.

  • blake’s devotion
  • Clancy Manor
  • Ingram Building
  • johnson acres
  • Kanawha County Cemetery
  • mentioned lantern
  • Lucky Cave Mine
  • moth house
  • Holy Communion
  • Sunken Church near Raleigh Clay Bunker

In addition to the named locations, there are also some unnamed locations where you might find cult members. Look out for the altar on the southern edge of the Ash Pile, the small camp and suicide ritual at the Old Mold Quarry, the temple south of the Crater, the temple east of Bleeding Kate’s Mill, the temple east of 1AT Transmission Station – U03, and Billings The altar on the west side of the home.

Additionally, you can explore former cult locations to learn more about Fallout 76. These include Big Maw, Helvetia and Landview Lighthouse.

It’s worth noting that cultists may also be encountered during the seasonal event Mothman Equinox, where two sects of the Mothman cult battle. Additionally, the “Daily Ops – Cult” event pits you against various cult members, including the Cult Prophet who can only be encountered in daily operations or “Mothman Equinox.”

If you can’t find the cultist in these locations, you can try switching to a different server. By accessing the social menu or exiting the main menu and re-entering the game, you can join a new server, where cultists may be more plentiful.

fallout 76 cultist

In Fallout 76, cultists are enemies associated with the Mothman sect. They were spread across Appalachia and were hostile to outsiders invading their “sacred land.” Cultists are known to worship the Mothman, and can be encountered in various locations and events, including the Mothman Equinox and Daily Actions.

Cultists come in different variants with different levels and abilities, such as the Cult Prophet, who is the boss in the Cult Daily Ops and Mothman Equinox events. The Cult High Priest is another unique variant exclusive to the Mothman Equinox community event, possessing the ability to bend the will of nearby enemies.

Defeating cultists yields various rewards and contributes to the game’s immersive storytelling.


Which events in Fallout 76 feature cultists?

In Fallout 76, cultists can be encountered in two main events. The first event is called “Path of Enlightenment,” where players can participate in rituals at Landview Lighthouse to receive a temporary experience boost. During this event, cultists may appear as hostile enemies that oppose the player’s attempts to complete the ritual.

The second event is “Mothman Equinox,” a seasonal event centered around the cult of Mothman. In this event, players will find themselves in the middle of a conflict between two sects of the cult, fighting for the fate of the Mothman. Both activities provide players with unique challenges and opportunities to interact with cultists and learn more about their beliefs and motivations.

What are the cultists in Fallout 76 related to?

In Fallout 76, the cultists are related to the “Cult of Mothman”. They are a group of people who worship the Mothman, a mysterious creature believed to have supernatural powers. Believers are devout in their faith and consider certain areas, such as Point Pleasant, to be their “holy grounds.”

They are known to be hostile to outsiders who encroach on their territory and will defend it zealously. Throughout the game, players will encounter various cultists in various locations, events, and missions, gaining insight into their beliefs and adding an element of mystery and danger to the Appalachian wilderness.

What unique cultist variants exist in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, there are several unique cult variants, each with unique traits and abilities. One notable variant is the “Cult Prophet”, who is a boss in the Cult Daily Ops variant and the Mothman Equinox seasonal event. They wield unique gamma guns that fire Mothman sonic blasts.

Another unique variant is the “Cultist High Priest”, found only in the Mothman Equinox community event. These high priests have the ability to bend to the will of nearby enemies, similar to Flatwood monsters.

They are always legendary enemies and defeating them will yield the Cult High Priest Pack. The existence of these unique cult variants adds variety to gameplay and provides challenging encounters for players exploring the world of Appalachia.

“Fallout 76” gameplay

Fallout 76 is an open-world online multiplayer game set in the post-apocalyptic world of the Fallout series. Players take on the role of “vault dwellers” from Vault 76 and enter the wasteland of West Virginia to rebuild and survive after a nuclear disaster.

Gameplay allows players to explore a vast and dynamic world four times the size of Fallout 4’s map, known as Appalachia, filled with diverse landscapes, iconic landmarks, and mutant creatures. Players can team up with others (up to three people) or venture alone to complete missions, battle enemies, and uncover the mysteries of the wasteland.

The game features a special progression system where players can allocate points to different attributes such as strength, intelligence, and agility, and earn bonus cards to customize their abilities and play style.

Real-time combat replaces the traditional VATS system, allowing players to engage in dynamic combat against mutated monsters, rival factions, and other players in the game’s player-versus-player (PvP) mode.

Building and crafting are important elements of gameplay, as players can build bases and establish settlements using the CAMP system. Players can launch nukes, creating temporary advanced areas with unique rewards and challenges.

Throughout the game, players uncover the world’s lore and stories through a combination of environmental storytelling, recordings, and interactions with NPCs (bots and humans), subject to content updates.

Fallout 76 is constantly being updated and expanded, introducing new content, features and activities to immerse players in the ever-changing wasteland.

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