Who are Mark-Francis Vandelli Parents? Meet Marzio Vandelli and Diane Boulting-Casserley Vandelli

So who are Marc-Frances Vandrie’s parents? According to our research, Marc-Frances Vandelli’s parents are Marzio Vandelli and Diane Boultin-Caselli Vandelli. Mark-Francis Vandelli (born 14 October 1989) is a British television personality.

real name Marc-Francis Vandrie
date of birth October 14, 1989
age 33 years old
high 182 cm, 5 ft 10 in
place of birth Cheyne Walk, London, UK
gender male
Profession british tv personality
Country of Citizenship British

Marzio Vandelli

Diane Boulting-Catherly Vandrie

Who is Marc-Francis Vandelli?

Mark-Francis Vandelli is a British television personality best known for starring in the reality television series Made in Chelsea. He was recognized for his unique personality, characterized by his aristocratic background, unique sense of fashion and acerbic wit. Mark Francis was born in London, England, on October 14, 1989. As of 2023, he is 33 years old.

Vandrie was of privileged origin, coming from a wealthy family with aristocratic connections. This upbringing has become an integral part of his identity, and he openly discusses his privileged lifestyle and the social dynamics within his circle on Made in Chelsea.


Marc-Francis Vandrie Age

Mark-Francis Vandelli is 33 years old. Born on October 14, 1989 in the vibrant city of London, England, he continues to shine in the television and fashion worlds.

Mark-Francis Vandelli’s journey in life and in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Year after year, he continues to captivate audiences with his chic style, quick wit, and charming personality.

Vandelli was born and raised in London, the bustling center of England, and his hometown undoubtedly influenced his refined sense of style and refined taste. Over the years, he has become an iconic figure, admired by fans and aspiring fashionistas alike.

Marc-Francis Vandrie height

Mark-Francis Vandelli is a famous British television personality who has maintained an enigmatic presence in the entertainment industry. He is an impressive 182 centimeters (5 feet 10 inches) tall, with a commanding and statuesque figure.

As for his weight, the exact details of Marc-Francis Vandelli’s exact weight are not widely disclosed in the public domain. Television personalities often prioritize the privacy of such personal information.

physical properties



182 cm (5 ft 10 in)

Marc-Francis Vandelli Nationality

Mark-Francis Vandelli is a British television personality whose nationality is British. A native Londoner, he was quintessentially British in terms of his nationality.

Although Marc-Francis Vandrie is known for his aristocratic background and exclusive social circles, his British nationality remains an integral part of his identity. He often embraced and embodied quintessentially British traits such as courtesy, tact and an appreciation of tradition.

In the reality television series “Made in Chelsea,” Vandrie showcases elements of British culture, including his mannerisms, sense of humor, and the upper-class British lifestyle in which he lives.

Marc-Frances Vandrie acting career

Mark-Francis Vandelli is a well-known figure in British television, best known for his key role in the blockbuster reality TV show Made in Chelsea. Apart from television, he is also involved in fashion design and entrepreneurship.

Born in 1989 in central London, England, Vandelli’s journey to fame began while studying for a fashion degree at Central Saint Martins. Before venturing into television, he worked as a stylist, honing his style and talent.

In 2011, he joined the cast of Made in Chelsea and has been a steady presence on the show ever since. Vandrie is known for his chic and sophisticated looks, coupled with his witty and charming personality.

His passion for fashion transcends the screen. Vandelli has ventured into the entrepreneurial world by launching her own clothing line and collaborating with several well-known brands.

Mark-Francis Vandelli’s influence extends to social media, with more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. In addition to his success in television and fashion, he has also accumulated a considerable net worth, estimated at over £1 million.

In essence, Marc-Frances Vandelli embodies the image of versatility and is an accomplished television personality, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. He serves as an inspiration to fashion aspirants and is admired for his style, intelligence and relentless pursuit of success.

Mark-Francis Vandelli’s notable achievements include:

  • Regular cast member on the long-running reality television series Made in Chelsea (2011-present).
  • A thriving career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur.
  • Successfully launched his own clothing line.
  • Cooperate with famous brands in the fashion industry.
  • The number of followers on Instagram is impressive, with over 300,000 loyal followers.
  • Amassed a considerable net worth, over £1 million.

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