Why is Gary Davies on Radio 2 Today? Who is Gary Davies?

Who is Gary Davis?

Gary Davies is a British broadcaster who has had an extensive career in the entertainment industry. Before joining BBC Radio 1 in 1982, he worked in a variety of areas, including marketing for a mail-order company, working with a Rawtenstall-based company making candlewick bathroom and bedroom soft furnishings, and managing a discotheque in Manchester.

In the late 1970s he demonstrated his DJing skills at Manchester’s Placemate 7 and regularly hosted artists at the Placemate 4 music room. Gary’s radio career began in 1979 when he took a job at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester. He made his debut on BBC Radio 1 on 4 December 1982, hosting the Saturday late night show.

Remarkably, he soon joined his Radio 1 colleagues as presenters of the BBC’s iconic TV show Top of the Pops. Over the next decade, from 1982 to 1993, Gary Davies cemented his reputation as a BBC Radio 1 disc jockey and became a regular guest on Top of the Pops.

Name Gary Davis
age 65 years old
date of birth December 13, 1957
place of birth England
nation England


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Why is Gary Davies on Radio 2 today?

On February 24, 2023, BBC Radio 2 announced line-up changes. Starting March 6, an interim host will take over the morning show, previously hosted by Ken Bruce. The decision was made after Ken Bruce left the station.

Davis was selected to serve as interim host during this time. Davis’ identity was not mentioned in the information given. Davies will host BBC Radio 2’s morning program until new permanent presenter Vernon Kay takes over the role in May.

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Gary Davis age

Gary Davies, 65, actor from Manchester, England. He is famous for appearing in various television shows and events. Notably, he received recognition for his roles in A Bit of Fry and Laurie (1987), Montreux Rock Festival (1987), and Sky-Fi (1984).

In the entertainment industry, Gary Davis has become a versatile actor with notable performances on television. One of his major roles was as one of the characters in the popular sketch comedy show Fry & Laurie, which aired in 1987. Created by and starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, the show has been critically acclaimed for its wit and humor.

In addition, his participation in “Sky-Fi” in 1984 highlighted his status in the field of science fiction. “Sky-Fi” may be a science fiction-themed television program or event that may include films, discussions, or performances related to the genre. This role may allow him to explore different aspects of acting and interact with science fiction fans.

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gary davis wife

Gary Davis is married to Lisa Tangiz. They married in 1990. However, their marriage eventually ended and they divorced in 2001. British broadcaster and actor Gary Davies is married to Lisa Tchenuiz, whose full name is Lisa Tchenuiz-Neville.

Lisa Tchenuiz is a businesswoman and philanthropist from the prominent Tchenuiz family, which has extensive business interests in real estate and other industries. Their wedding in 1990 marked the beginning of their journey as husband and wife.

Throughout their marriage, they may have experienced joys, challenges, and moments together. However, as time went on, they encountered difficulties, which eventually led to them going their separate ways. Their divorce in 2001 marked the end of their marriage and the legal recognition of their separation.

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Gary Davis acting career

In 1984, Gary Davies took over the BBC Radio 1 lunchtime show, which he named The Bit in the Middle. The show features a variety of entertainment segments, including “Daily Challenges,” where daily contestants answer quiz questions and try to upgrade their prizes.

Another fun bit is “Willy on the Plonker,” where Davis will play a famous hit song on the piano in a humorously exaggerated way that the listener must identify.

On Sunday, September 6, 1987, Davis had the opportunity to present the Top 40 Stereo Countdown on Sunday afternoon from 5 pm to 7 pm, replacing Bruno Brookes. This provides him with the opportunity to showcase his hosting skills to a wider audience.

Davis’ popularity was further boosted by his publicity, using the slogan “Young, Free and Single” and the memorable jingle “Wow! Gary Davis”. These elements became synonymous with his brand and style as a radio host.

Over time, Davis’ performance changed somewhat. In 1991, it was renamed “Let’s Do Lunch” and incorporated new features. One of them is “Spin & Win,” which is a variation on the previous “Willy on the Plonker” segment. In “Spin & Win,” a mysterious clue replaces the frantic piano playing that the listener must solve to identify the song.

Another new addition to the program is the “Classics” section, which features a piece of classical music and showcases a variety of musical genres. The much-loved “The Sloppy Bit” segment was retained but renamed “Lots of Love,” allowing listeners to dedicate the song to a loved one.

To keep the show interesting, Davies has introduced a “non-stop half hour” from 2.30pm to 3pm after the news. During this segment, he played music continuously for half an hour, providing the audience with an uninterrupted listening experience.

Regarding chart summary, newer technology has made changes. The leaderboard moved to Sundays from October 4, 1987. However, Davies doesn’t just focus on the UK singles chart, but also provides a countdown to the US chart and the UK album chart. It’s worth noting that the U.S. charts are not official Billboard charts, but air-only charts compiled by Radio & Records magazine.

These adaptations and innovations in Gary Davis’ show showcase his versatility as a radio host and his ability to entertain audiences through music, games and engaging segments. His charismatic style and lively showmanship earned him enduring popularity during his tenure on BBC Radio 1.


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