16 Ken Costumes Ryan Gosling Wears In The Barbie Movie, Ranked


  • Ken’s outfits in the
    movie steal the show, showcasing his eye-catching and interesting style.
  • Costume designer Jacqueline Durran did a great job creating looks that complement Barbie’s colorful world.
  • Ken’s outfits reflect his character development, from a simple accessory to an unexpected cinematic icon.



Ken’s outfits in the Barbie movie steal the show, even if the doll played by Ryan Gosling has spent his life playing second-fiddle to Margot Robbie’s titular hero. Ken has always functioned as an accessory to Barbie; he was created in 1961 as a response to requests asking that Barbie get a boyfriend. Even the movie’s tagline cheekily acknowledges Ken’s status compared to Barbie, saying, “She’s everything. He’s just Ken.” He may be “just” Ken, but his outfits in the Barbie movie are eye-catching and interesting.

The Barbie movie’s costumes were created by veteran costume designer Jacqueline Durran, who won the Oscar for Best Costume Design for her work on Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation of Little Women. Greta Gerwig told Vogue that Barbie was guided by “old soundstage Technicolor musicals,” and Durran did a great job creating looks that perfectly go with Barbie’s colorful world. Margot Robbie’s Barbie costumes look iconic, but Ken also wears some great ensembles in Barbie, with the best highlighting why the Ryan Gosling character became an unexpected cinematic icon in 2023.

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16 Ken’s Camping Outfit

Ken’s Camping Get-Up Shows How Sheltered Barbieland Is

Barbie and Ken in white and pink outfits alongside a pink camper in the Barbie movie

One of the great sequences that showcases the practical sets of the movie is when Ken and Barbie are seen journeying to the real world. Traveling from Barbieland to reality requires Barbie and Ken to pass through a few different scenarios — each with their own unique costumes. This brief clip of the camping scene they find themselves in shows Ken drying his socks in front of a pink camping van.

He’s wearing a dark pink button-down shirt and white pants. It’s a hilariously bland camping look without any of the trappings required for outdoor survival, perhaps foreshadowing how unprepared Ken is for the real world. However, this Ken outfit does perfectly coordinate with Barbie’s camping outfit and the camper they are using in the brief sequence of their travels. It’s nothing special compared to some of his bolder outfits in the movie, but still a fun one.

15 Ken’s Biking Outfit

Ken Dons A Classic European Look

Barbie and Ken riding a two-person bike through a field of tulips inplaid tops and brown shorts in the Barbie movie

In another montage scene of the two dolls leaving Barbieland, Ken and Barbie are biking through a field of tulips in a location that bears a striking resemblance to the Netherlands. The couple is wearing matching pink plaid shirts and brown shorts with long brown socks and brown shoes. The outfits don’t appear analogous to any of the Barbie outfits that exist in the real world, but instead to actual classic European clothing.

It’s a cute look for a quick moment in the film, and this Ken costume in Barbie resembles Lederhosen and similar classic European garb. The bicycle portion of the travel sequence didn’t require any nod to Europe, so dressing Ken (and Barbie) in these costumes feels quirky and random, perfectly fitting the tone of the movie. Again, the look is relatively toned down compared to others in the movie, but still fun for Barbie and Ken.

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14 Ken’s Space Outfit

Ken Doesn’t Need A Helmet To Breathe In Space

Barbie and Ken in space in Barbie (2023)

Further adding to the fun absurdity of Ken and Barbie’s travel, they eventually find themselves in outer space, flying through the cosmos. Ken wears this spacesuit while flailing through outer space, trying to catch up with Barbie’s rocket that she simply sits on, seemingly unbothered by almost losing him to the stars.

Barbie and Ken don white spacesuits with brown gloves and boots. Interestingly, of all the montage outfits, this space look is the only one that doesn’t have any pink in it, though the rocket does have pink accents and flame. Despite the lack of the movie’s signature color, however, the spacesuit is a solid costume, and it’s all the funnier for the fact that Ken is seemingly breathing in space without a helmet. Apparently, the version of outer space in Barbieland has just the right kind of atmosphere for Barbie and Ken to still breathe.

13 Ken’s Snow Outfit

Ken’s Winter Attire Is All Fashion, No Function

Barbie and Ken on a snowmobile in Barbie (2023)

This Barbie montage scene sees Ken holding on to Barbie as she drives a snowmobile through a ski resort. It reinforces the idea that Barbie is the one in charge as she’s driving the pink snowmobile and all he can do is hang on so that he doesn’t get left behind like he almost did in space. Like Barbie, Ken is wearing a light pink ski suit and fluffy white boots without any noticeable patterns or adornments.

However, Ken has an addition to his ensemble: pink ski goggles. His ski outfit was already perfectly fitting his position as a citizen of Barbieland — seeming not-at-all functional much like his camping gear — but the goggles are a great extra touch. Not only does it show that Ken is slightly more protected than Barbie in this scene, but it also begins more accessories being added as they progress.

12 Ken’s Sailor Outfit

Ken’s Look For The High Seas

Barbie and Ken riding on a boat in Barbie in striped shirts and pink caps (2023)

The best outfits found in Ken and Barbie’s traveling montage find the pair donning some very memorable nautical outfits as they take to the high seas. Ken is matched to Barbie again, wearing a pink-and-white-striped shirt along with a pink sailor’s cap. They appear to be wearing white pants, but those cannot fully be seen with the way the sequence is shot.

Their coordinated outfits here almost make them seem like members of the Barbieland Navy (if such a thing exists in the universe of the movie), and the dyed-pink sailing caps are instantly memorable despite their brief screentime. It’s a very cute and casual outfit in the iconic Barbie pink color scheme. There is a bonus that the pink boat with a Barbie flag on the back even helps to complete their ensemble.

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11 Ken’s All-Black Outfit

The Simple Get-Up For An Unforgettable Dance Sequence


The extended musical sequence for “I’m Just Ken” is the moment in the movie where Ken gets to step into the spotlight with some of his most memorable moments as well as a variety of costume changes. This includes Ryan Gosling’s Ken joining the other Kens in a massive dance number in which they all wear a black ensemble. Ken’s got on a black short-sleeved shirt and pants as he and the other Kens engage in a dance battle against Simu Liu’s Ken which eventually turns into a chorus of Kens coming together.

The black-on-black is an unexpected style choice for Ken but looks very cool on him. It is another visually stunning moment from the movie, with the costume style working perfectly against the empty soundstage setting. There’s thematic relevance too, since wearing all black is incredibly juxtaposed to the pastels and pinks of Barbieland. Ken’s now-iconic fur coat also makes an early appearance during this montage, pairing well with the black shirt and jeans.

10 Ken’s Pink T-Shirt

The Early Ken Outfit That Lets Him Fade Into Barbieland

Ken wearing a pink shirt while talking to Barbie in the Barbie movie

Production designer Sarah Greenwood talked to IndieWire about the work she and her collaborator, Katie Spencer, did on the Barbie movie, saying “Pink is the film’s thesis.”Their vision of pink is beautifully demonstrated in this early scene from Barbie. After failing to impress Barbie with his “beach” skills and getting some very quick medical attention, Ken and Barbie talk about the plans for a big dance party at her house that night.

They’re in front of a background with many shades of pink, and Ken is wearing a light pink shirt with a ribbon in the back, perfectly matching with Barbie’s pink-and-white gingham dress. It’s a simple shirt, but the color is lovely, and the ribbon is a cool addition. As this is also one of Ken’s earliest appearances in the movie, it clearly represents his place as feeling like part of the furniture of Barbieland, where everything else is pink too.

9 Ken’s Blue Jacket

The Subtle Hint That Ken Is Unhappy

Ken wearing a blue jacket while speaking to Barbie in the Barbie movie

Following the epic dance party, Ken still has time for one more outfit change before saying goodnight to Barbie. The scene is a wonderful look at their awkward relationship, as Ken is endlessly infatuated with Barbie, but she doesn’t return the same interest, despite his fashionable style. Ken has on a light blue jacket with silver sparkles on the collar, shoulders, and sleeves, along with a matching silver top.

It’s quite an eye-catching casual nighttime outfit, and the white monogrammed “K” on Ken’s jacket is a nice additional detail. Like all of the Ken outfits in Barbie, it has some thematic relevance too. Blue is traditionally seen as the “male” color, and the opposite of “pink” in traditional binary-gender aesthetics. This moment is the first glimpse of Ken wanting to go his own way and not being satisfied with his life in the ultra-feminine Barbieland, so his wearing blue feels almost deliberate.

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8 Ken’s Disco Jumpsuit

The Hip Disco Get-Up That Symoblizes The Monotony Of Being A Ken

Ken in a white and old disco outfit with a pink belt dancing in the Barbie movie

The first of the Barbie movie’s memorable big dance sequences comes early in the first act as Barbie hosts a party at her dream house. The lively sequence features the Barbies and Kens dancing to “Dance the Night,” Dua Lipa’s disco-inspired contribution to the Barbie soundtrack. Ken is seen sporting a white jumpsuit with sparkly silver sleeves, a metallic pink belt, and a gold monogrammed “K” on his top.

It’s a fun outfit that’s absolutely perfect for a disco party. The details in the design make sense as nodes to the aesthetic of Barbieland as well. However, it is another hilarious nod to the sameness of the Kens, as they all wear similar outfits in this sequence, whereas the Barbie’s have their own unique style, each wearing something very different for the dance party.

7 Ken’s Western Cowboy Outfit

Ken Embraces Horses And The Patriarchy

Ryan Gosling as Ken in a white cowboy hat, pink bandana, and black and white cowboy outfit in Barbie.

In the real world, Barbie and Ken find Western outfits at a convenience store. It is hilarious that they think these types of outfits are the best options for blending in. Ken dons a black button-down with white flowers and white fringe, a black belt and pants, and a white cowboy hat and shoes. Completing the look is a pink bandana used as a necktie, adding a pop of the usual Barbie pink to Ken’s ensemble.

This is a very fun costume that complements Barbie’s cowgirl look even though it’s mostly black – a fact that subtly hints at his upcoming intellectual breakaway from the all-pink philosophy and the way of life he knew in Barbieland. The outfit is especially memorable when worn in a hospital as Ken demands a job as a doctor.

6 Ken’s Barbie Jacket

Ken Wears His Heart On His Sleeve

Ryan Gosling as Ken is his Barbie jacket in the Barbie movie

Ken has this outfit on during the scene when he stows away in Barbie’s pink car as she drives away from Barbieland to the real world. He’s so infatuated with her that he feels like he has to accompany her on her journey, and that’s well established in his outfit here as well.

He’s wearing a pink jacket covered in dark pink Bs that are in the same font as the classic Barbie brand logo. It’s a cute look that feels classically Barbie, and the red Mattel Inc. patch on his sleeve is a nice touch, making it feel like an authentic Barbie outfit. The outfit itself is also another sign of Ken’s infatuation with Barbie that he proudly displays, quite literally wearing his heart on his sleeve, even if he doesn’t get much attention in return.

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5 Ken’s War Outfit

Ken’s Idea Of Macho Attire

Ryan Gosling, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Ncuti Gatwa as Kens during the "I'm Just Ken" musical number in Barbie

This Ken outfit from Barbie is intriguing because it’s the opposite of what one would expect from Ken and shows how his style changes when he becomes more of a villain in the story. He’s dressed in all black again, but this outfit, worn during the beach war against the other Kens, is more intense and athletic than his simple black t-shirt and pants look.

The headband he’s wearing has an almost lightning-like cool pattern on it, and the fingerless leather gloves are a great touch. However, the best thing about this outfit is the shoulder pads on the vest with fringe on them, which are a fun detail. It seems inspired by the villains in The Karate Kid and is a fun look at Ken’s idea of a tough-guy look. The outfit almost feels like a child’s idea of what an ultra-masculine macho action hero would wear — the perfect ensemble for Ken’s heel turn.

4 Ken’s Denim Vest

Ken’s Bland Choice Represents His Lack Of Direction

Ken wearing a denim vest while smiling in the Barbie movie

Ken wears this all-denim ensemble in the movie when Barbie comes to visit him in her former dreamhouse that he has now taken over. His outfit here is a denim vest with tattered sleeves meant to resemble sleeves having been ripped off a shirt, but there’s a clear hem to indicate it’s a style choice instead. Paired with the Calvin Klein-style “Ken” boxers and jeans shown in a promo image of Ryan Gosling’s Ken, it’s an iconic character ensemble that’s effortlessly cool.

However, it also shows the signs of Ken’s lack of imagination when he can choose his outfits without having to consider how they will match Barbie. It also isn’t as fun as one of the outfits he wears while competing with the other Kens in the movie. It’s as though now that he feels like he’s the one on top, he’s not sure what to do with himself.

3 Ken’s Pastel Beach Outfit

For Ken, Beach Is Life

Ryan Gosling in Barbie looking stunned in pink and green with his arms around Margot Robbie's Barbie and another Barbie

As Ken hilariously explains in the movie, his job in life is “beach”, so it makes sense that he is wearing his beach outfit when audiences first see him in the movie. Ken has on a pastel pink-and-green-striped shirt with matching shorts. The color combination is great, and the pastel shades truly pop in the beachy Technicolor setting. It feels like a quintessential Ken outfit and is perfect for a beach outing. It is also quite fitting that Ken leaves his shirt open to show off his impressive physique, just one more attempt to get Barbie’s attention.

With all of that in mind, the shade of pink in his outfit is, of course, similar to the one worn by Barbie. It’s interesting, however, that her dress is a checkered pattern of pink and white, clashing with his mint green and pink stripes, showing how far apart they are even this early in the movie, while it still being clear that he wants more from Barbie than she wants from him.

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2 Ken’s Rollerblading Outfit

A Technicolor Riot On Wheels


In one of the Barbie movie’s funniest scenes, Barbie and Ken wear these funky early 90s-inspired outfits while rollerblading in the real world. Ken is dressed in a neon pink shirt, with an open shirt with a funky pink, yellow, and blue pattern on top. In addition, he has neon yellow wristbands and knee pads, and a visor with the same pattern as his shirt. It’s a truly wild ensemble that looks hilariously ridiculous and fun at the same time. The fact that Ken also accessorizes with a neon yellow fanny pack makes this costume even better.

This outfit of Ken’s in the movie is one of the few he wears that looks like it is pulled right from the Barbie toy line in the ’90s. He and Barbie wearing outfits that perfectly match one another only reinforces that idea. It’s also a point in the movie where Barbie has accepted that he’s on this journey with her, making them seem like a united front, though that soon changes.

1 Ken’s Fur Coat And Shades

Ken’s Villain Look Is His Most Iconic


Though he is a dim-witted and goofy character in the end, it is a lot of fun seeing Ken’s arc in the movie as he goes from the wannabe boyfriend to the villain hellbent on taking over Barbieland. When Barbie returns home and finds how he has used the “patriarchy” to transform the land in his favor, his outfits begin to reflect his darker edge in some memorable ways.

This outfit shows the origins of his headband and gloves that he is seen wearing later as he goes into battle. They are added to the ensemble along with a necklace with a charm of a horse and a horseshoe, showcasing his hilarious new obsession with horses. He also added a fabulous fur coat and a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses. Hilariously, Ken puts another pair of identical shades on top. Ken has many outfits in Barbie, but his fur coat and multiple shades are truly the most iconic of them all.

Barbie Movie Poster


Barbie is a film adaptation of the generational iconic toy directed by Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote the script with Noah Baumbach. The film centers on Margot Robbie’s Barbie who is expelled from Barbieland and travels with Ken (Ryan Gosling) to the real world in search of happiness. The film also stars Simu Liu, Will Ferrell, and several other famous celebrities in cameo roles.

Release Date July 21, 2023 Director Greta Gerwig Cast Margot Robbie , Ryan Gosling , Simu Liu , Ariana Greenblatt , Helen Mirren , Nicola Coughlan , John Cena , Will Ferrell , Ritu Arya , Michael Cera , America Ferrera , Alexandra Shipp , Kate McKinnon Runtime 114 Minutes Writers Noah Baumbach , Greta Gerwig Studio(s) LuckyChap Entertainment , Mattel Films , Heyday Films Distributor(s) Warner Bros. Pictures


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