Acquiring the Total Roblox Drama Badge in The Hunt and Everything You Need to Know

About Total Roblox Drama

“Total Roblox Drama” is a fun game produced by Mojo’s Games and developed by Mojoue. This is a game based on the drama series. In this game you have to participate as a player and you have to play the game to win rewards.

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It’s like an excitement where you have to compete with other players to become the best. It was created in April 2020 and is extremely popular, with 340 million views. If you like adventure and challenge, you can try this game, you will definitely like it.

The game is based on the cartoon series and you have to play the game and complete challenges, after which you may get rewards based on your gameplay.

Earn badges on hunts

To get the Total Roblox Drama badge in The Hunt game, you must play the game. Just play the game until the team comes together and you’ll earn the badge instantly.

It’s simple, once merged, you’ll see the badge in your collection. You can then choose whether to keep playing or walk away with a shiny new badge. So play Survival and love the rewards you get.

You can then decide whether you want to keep playing or keep your shiny new badge. You just play to survive and get rewards.

The purpose of the badge

In the Total Roblox Drama game, badges are like small rewards you get for playing well. Once received, you can show off to other players. It’s like a symbol of victory in the game.

Additionally, certain badges can unlock something special, such as new levels or items. By earning badges you not only get recognition but also cool stuff that helps you in the game, and you have to keep paying to earn them.

It’s also useful to explore new areas or locations before earning badges you can’t reach, so you can progress through them with ease later.


The game is derived from the cartoon “Total Drama Island”. In this game, the characters are similar to one of the forms shown, but have different names.

Each player can only join up to 10 members and form a team. When team members are reduced, they can be merged. Teams play mini-games, and losing teams lose members. When there are only two members, the other members vote for the winner.

In 2020, developers were worried about Fresh TV’s copyright issues, so they changed the game’s title, music, and character names to avoid problems.

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