Casting Netflix’s Live-Action My Hero Academia: 13 Actors Who Would Be Perfect

The last of the live-action adaptations of the Netflix anime series, My Hero Academia, is currently in pre-production and it’s time to consider casting.


  • Netflix’s live-action adaptation of My Hero Academia needs the right cast to succeed.

  • The anime’s large cast presents a unique challenge for casting.

  • There are talented young actors who could bring the beloved characters to life in the live-action series.


my hero academia is one of the latest anime to receive a live-action makeover from Netflix, and casting the right cast couldn’t be more important to getting this hit series right. Netflix has made a habit of taking beloved anime series and adapting them into live action with varying degrees of success. from the abysmal Death Note remake in 2017 until the recent One piece adaptation, Netflix seems to be learning from its mistakes and releasing live-action anime that are worth watching.

Unlike many of the other Netflix adaptations, the my hero academia The film will face a unique casting challenge thanks to the huge cast of characters that are central to the anime series. While animated shows benefit from being able to choose one person to voice multiple characters, filling out the list of notable characters that need to be a part of the series will take a lot of time and effort. M.H.A.The school environment of multiple classes, staff, and heroes outside the academy means that Izuku Midoriya, the main protagonist, has a plethora of characters to interact with and help him on his journey to becoming the number one hero. Fortunately, there are many talented young actors who could bring these characters to life.

13 Izuku Midoriya (Deku) – Jack Dylan Grazer

Izuku Midoriya Jack Dylan Grazer side by side

Deku can begin his my hero academia journey without a powerful quirk, but that doesn’t stop him from being the most hopeful, enthusiastic, and determined character in M.H.A.. Jack Dylan Grazer Shazam! and He fame is a perfect fit for a young man with unwavering hope and bravery despite his slightly smaller stature. Grazer’s previous roles and physical appearance make him the perfect Izuku Midoriya to climb the ranks and train as the successor to the legendary All Might.

12Katsuki Bakugo – Jacob Tremblay

Katsuki Bakugo and Jacob Tremblay next to each other

Katsuki may have grown up with Izuku, but when his powers came, he knew his destiny was to become the greatest hero the world had ever seen, at any cost. Determined to forge a path alone and train harder than anyone else, Katsuki is filled with a burning fury that keeps him focused on his goal. Tremblay has appeared in several films in which he plays a happy and hopeful young man despite his surroundings. From suspense movies like Roomto horror as Doctor Sleepand before waking up, Tremblay has experience with darker themes. Playing Katsuki could give him the perfect opportunity to explore the darker side of her character and fight back.

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11 Ochaco Uraraka – Lana Condor

Lana Condor and Ochaco Uraraka next to each other

Ochaco is brave, intelligent, and hopelessly in love with the determined Izuku. He is also a tactical hero capable of pulling off some impressive moves in a fight. Lana Condor has played a desperate and sometimes very clumsy romantic in To all the boys I’ve loved before in addition to playing a character who feels comfortable jumping into action in films like Alita: Battle Angel. With the ability to be clumsy and goofy, as well as confident and composed, Lana would be the perfect Ochaco.

10 Tenya Ida – Iko Uwais

Tenya Ida - Iko Uwais side by side

Tenya Ida is the president of Class 1A, and although he tries his best to maintain control of the class, he sometimes has a hard time keeping everyone focused. When the class jumps headlong into a fight, Tenya Ida uses his quirk to jump right into the action alongside her classmates and show off his impressive martial arts skills. Iko Uwais is also a talented martial artist who could display Tenya’s skills in combat and be a calming voice when needed.

9 Shoto Todoroki – Tony Jaa

Shoto Todoroki - Tony Jaa side by side

Shoto possesses a double quirk that allows him to manipulate both fire and ice. This duality is also reflected in his personality, as he is a quiet, mysterious and reserved young man, until he lifts the lid on his powers and lets his incredible powers and his anger flow through him. Tony Jaa could easily play the calm and mysterious Shoto before unleashing his incredible abilities in combat. Having been compared to great martial artists like Bruce Lee, Jaa certainly has the power of silence, all that remains to be seen is whether he can let his anger flow.

8Eijiro Kirishima – Jacob Bertrand

Eijiro Kirishima - Jacob Bertrand side by side

Eijiro is wild, strong and a little crazy, not unlike Bertrand’s character Hawk in Cobra Kai. Eijiro, a hero with the ability to harden his skin like a stone, relies on his combat skills to take his powers from a purely defensive weapon to an absolute weapon. Bertrand is already comfortable playing a competitive, macho, spiky-haired martial artist and could easily make this role his own.

7 Tsuyu Asui – Bella Ramsey

Tsuyu Asui - Bella Ramsey side by side

Tsuyu’s quirk grants them a number of abilities in common with frogs, from jumping great distances to an extendable tongue and more. Tsuyu is also very intelligent and can be trusted to make a plan and protect her friends, as well as being a bit strange. Bella has demonstrated her ability to play an intelligent and witty character in The last of us in addition to showing his most peculiar side in roles such as the voice of Hilda and Catherine called Birdy.

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6 Momo Yaoyorozu – Zendaya

Momo Yaoyorozu - Zendaya side by side

Momo is confident, strong, a natural leader, and known for her good looks. Zendaya has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to play a strong, confident protagonist in films like Dune and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Zendaya would absolutely take control as Momo and bring new dimensions to the character for live action, thanks to his commanding presence and unwavering confidence.

5Mina Ashido – Halle Bailey

Mina Ashido - Halle Bailey side by side

Mina is incredibly cheerful and friendly, but she also has a hard time being excluded or feeling alone. The sadness and longing for friendship and to be seen as shown in Halle’s role in The little Mermaid make her a great choice for this role. Displaying a friendly, outgoing personality with strong loyalty to her friends, Mina needs a strong personality, and Halle’s experience as a leading lady can prepare her to give Mina a solid arc for her career. M.H.A..

4 Kyoka Jiro – Jenna Ortega

Kyoka Jiro - Jenna Ortega side by side

Kyoka feels comfortable in her own skin and enjoys her time alone listening to music. Full of confidence and another very intelligent character, Ortega showed her ability to play the strong and silent guy in Wednesday as well as the ability to open in You. Ortega’s performance on Wednesday made her a particularly strong candidate to play Kyoka and turn her character from her solo act into a team player.

3 Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) – Dave Bautista

Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) - Dave Bautista side by side

Endeavor is officially ranked as the second most powerful hero in the series. He is big, impulsive and angry. Bautista’s history as a wrestler and his experience acting in various goofy roles means he could really bring Endeavor to life with his rippling muscles and savage aggression. Beyond that, Bautista’s ability to bring real heart and emotion to a role would give Endeavor layers of my hero academia that another actor of his physical stature might lack.

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2 Toshinori Yagi (All Power) – Ryan Reynolds

Toshinori Yagi (All Might) - Ryan Reynolds side by side

All Might is the champion and number one hero of the series. Strong, confident, funny, and a little goofy, he also transforms between his powered-up hero persona and an extremely thin persona when he needs to recover. Reynolds has the physique to play a powerful hero as seen in deadpool as well as his comedic abilities to laugh at danger and maintain a positive attitude even at his weakest.

1Tomura Shigaraki – James McAvoy

Tomura Shigaraki - James McAvoy side by side

Shigaraki is the main antagonist in my hero academia, full of anger, hatred and determination to seize power from others. McAvoy’s ability to play a villain as seen in Split and Glass An aspect of unpredictability and a touch of madness make him perfect to inhabit the power-hungry villain. Additionally, McAvoy’s experience in a variety of heroic roles such as Professor X Men First generation and Wesley in Sought It means he could provide Shigaraki with a meaningful hero-to-villain arc if given the chance.

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