Derek Carr Ethnicity, What is Derek Carr’s Ethnicity?

Derek Carr Race

Ethnicity is an indication of a group’s identity based on perceived cultural uniqueness. So here we can check that Derek Carr is white.

Derek Carr was born on March 28, 1991, and is a popular American football quarterback.

According to our latest research, Derek Carr is a white man born in Fresno, California, United States.

real name

Derek Dallas Carr

Nick name

Derek Carr

date of birth

March 28, 1991


32 years old


6 feet 3 inches (190 cm)


98 kg (216 lbs)

place of birth

Fresno, California, USA




american football quarterback

Country of Citizenship








Who is Derek Carr?

Derek Carr (born March 28, 1991) is an outstanding American football quarterback who has made a major impact in the National Football League (NFL). Carr’s journey to NFL stardom is a story of persistence and dedication.

Carl, who is from Bakersfield, California, has been passionate about football since he was a child. He played college football at Fresno State, where he was considered a talented and promising quarterback. His exceptional arm strength, accuracy and football IQ made him a standout player in college, earning numerous honors and records.

Derek Carr was selected in the second round by the Oakland Raiders (now the Las Vegas Raiders) in the 2014 NFL Draft. He quickly adapted to the high level of NFL competition and showed his ability to lead a team. Carr’s career with the Raiders was marked by steady improvement and a strong work ethic. He has become the franchise’s all-time passing leader, underscoring his importance to the team.

Derek Carr’s playing style is characterized by his ability to read defenses, make quick decisions and deliver accurate passes. He was known for his leadership on and off the field, earning the respect of his teammates and coaches. Carr’s dedication to his craft and commitment to community service have made him a beloved figure inside and outside the NFL.


Derek Carr Age

Derek Carr, born on March 28, 1991 in Fresno, California, USA, is a dynamic 32-year-old quarterback in 2023. Year after year, Carr continues to demonstrate exceptional skills and leadership on the football field. His journey from an aspiring young athlete to a seasoned NFL veteran has been inspiring.

At 32 years old, Carr is in the prime of his career, displaying a deep understanding of the game, unparalleled accuracy and a relentless drive for excellence. Not only has he established himself as a cornerstone of the Las Vegas Raiders, but he’s also become a respected figure in the NFL community.

As Derek Carr enters a new chapter in his football career, there’s an undeniable optimism surrounding him. His experience combined with youthful energy promises to lead to more exciting moments on the pitch. Fans and teammates alike are eagerly anticipating continued success and accomplishments from this talented quarterback.

Derek Carr height and weight

Derek Carr is a talented NFL quarterback with impressive size. At 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) and weighing 98 kg (216 lbs), Carr’s physical dimensions are ideal for the requirements of his position.

His length gives him a clear vantage point on the field, allowing him to read the defense and get past opposing linemen with precision. It also allows him to see his offensive line, providing a crucial advantage in identifying open receivers and potential defensive schemes.

In addition, his 98 kilograms (216 pounds) weight provides him with the necessary strength to withstand the physical rigors of professional football. This allows him to absorb hits from opposing defenders while maintaining balance and making accurate throws.

Carr’s combination of height and weight demonstrates the careful balance required to be a successful quarterback in the NFL. Not only does it enhance his physical attributes, it also helps improve his durability and efficiency on the court.

physical properties



6 feet 3 inches (190 cm)


98 kg (216 lbs)

Derek Carr Nationality

Derek Carr’s nationality is American. He was born in Fresno, California, on March 28, 1991, and was a lifelong American citizen. As an American, he had the opportunity to pursue his passion for soccer in the United States because of the important place the sport holds in American culture.

During his football career, being an American meant a lot because the NFL is the premier professional football league in the United States. Carr’s nationality aligns with the league he plays in, allowing him to represent his country on the pitch.

In addition, Derek Carr’s American citizenship also gives him the opportunity to engage in community service and charity work in the United States, making a positive impact on the lives of fellow Americans through his charitable work. His nationality is an integral part of his identity as a footballer and contributing member of society.

Derek Carr’s acting career

  • Derek Carr is an American football quarterback currently playing for the New Orleans Saints.

  • Carr’s football journey began at Fresno State, where he honed his skills as a quarterback.

  • In 2014, he was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the second round of the NFL draft, starting his career.

  • He spent an impressive nine seasons with the Raiders, during which he totaled 35,222 yards and 217 touchdowns, establishing himself as a reliable and productive passer.

  • Carr’s ability on the field earned him recognition, and he was selected to the Pro Bowl four times during his tenure with the Raiders.

  • Despite Carr’s individual success, his time with the Raiders resulted in a playoff appearance but no postseason wins, reflecting the challenges the team faced during his tenure.

  • His career record is 63-79 and his passer rating is as high as 91.8, highlighting his stability and ability as a quarterback.

  • In a major move, Carr signed a lucrative four-year, $150 million contract with the New Orleans Saints. The contract includes a massive $28.5 million signing bonus and fully guaranteed base salary for the 2023 and 2024 seasons.

Derek Carr Achievements and Awards

Awards won by Derek Carr:

  1. Walter Payton Man of the Year Award
  2. Fresno State Male Athlete of the Year: 2013
  3. Sammy Bowe Trophy: 2013
  4. MWC Offensive Player of the Year: 2012 and 2013
  5. MWC First Team All-Pro: 2012 and 2013
  6. 4× Pro Bowl: 2015–2017, 2022

Franchise records held by Derek Carr (Las Vegas Raiders):

  1. Franchise passing yardage record
  2. touchdown pass franchise record

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