Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince How to Get Large Monsters?

Dragon Quest Monsters: Large Monsters in Prince of Darkness

In the game “Dragon Quest Monsters: Prince of Darkness” you will encounter a new story set in the ongoing conflict between humans and monsters in the Dragon Quest Monsters world. You play as Psuaro, a cursed half-man whose goal is to join forces with monsters to overthrow his father and become the new King of Monsters. In order to strengthen your team, it is crucial to find the most powerful monsters.

Monsters in the game come in two sizes: small and large. Large monsters have stronger overall strength, higher defense power, stronger attack power, and can attack multiple targets. However, getting large monsters to join your team can be a bit difficult compared to smaller monsters. This guide provides everything you need to know to successfully recruit large monsters and add them to your party in DQM: Prince of Darkness.

How to get large monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: Prince of Darkness?

Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide on how to get large monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: Prince of Darkness:

Explore Nadiria and Trerestia:

  • Large monsters can be found in these areas while exploring the wild. However, their generation rate is low and you may need to do some searching.

Fight and defeat large monsters:

  • Fight large monsters. They are very powerful and can deal over 100 points of damage. Defeat them in combat and they may ask to join your team.

Keep fighting if necessary:

  • You may need to defeat a large monster multiple times before it agrees to join your team. Keep trying and keep trying.

Check out the monster eggs:

  • While exploring, you may find monster eggs in the wild. Hatch these eggs as they sometimes contain large monsters.

Have a powerful party:

  • If your party is level 35 or higher, you’ll have a better chance of scouting large monsters. Show your strength in battle and increase the likelihood of recruitment.

Don’t throw meat away for influence:

  • Unlike other monsters, you cannot use meat to affect large monsters during scouting. You have to rely on defeating them in battle.

Synthesize large monsters:

  • Once you have at least one large monster, you can synthesize them. This involves combining two monsters to create a rarer, higher level monster.

Use large monsters in your party:

  • Large monsters are powerful allies that can absorb attacks during combat. Keep one or two people in your party, but remember they take up two spaces, so plan your team accordingly.

Cultivate large monsters:

  • If you want to guarantee a large monster, make sure both parent monsters are also large monsters when merging.

Be patient and persistent:

  • Obtaining large monsters can take time and effort. Be patient, keep exploring, and enjoy the process of building a strong team.


Dragon Quest Monsters Prince of Darkness

“Dragon Quest Monsters: Prince of Darkness” is a new game for Nintendo Switch. This is a role-playing game (RPG) set in the Dragon Quest world. The game received positive reviews from critics. “Dragon Quest Monsters: Prince of Darkness” “Prince” is a casual role-playing game loved by fans of the series and new players alike. It has a great story, interesting gameplay, and a monster-catching system that keeps players interested for a long time.

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Prince of Darkness

release date

December 1, 2023

Number of players

Single system (1)

Online (one to eight)


role play



ESRB Rating

Everyone over 10 years old

Supported playback modes

TV mode, desktop mode, handheld mode

Game file size


Supported languages

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Dragon Quest Monsters Dark Prince Character

Here is the list of game characters:

  • psaro
  • Rose
  • Monty
  • soda
  • Fugger
  • Tyrant Randolph
  • Dolph
  • Toylen Truble
  • Ludo
  • Healy
  • Miriam
  • psaro’s chess pieces
  • Rasha Velak
  • Amon
  • Sir Ross Gardin
  • General Charne
  • Zenithosaurus
  • Estaque
  • hero
  • Ragnar McClane
  • Alaina
  • Kirill
  • boria
  • Toneko Claw
  • maya
  • Mina
  • Sparky

Dragon Quest Monsters Prince of Darkness Gameplay and Features

In this game, you play as a young monster trainer dedicated to saving your father from an evil enemy. The main thing you do in the game is capture and train monsters to help you in combat. You’ll explore a vast world with over 30 unique locations, and you’ll need to solve puzzles along the way.

Key features of the game include:

  • There are over 200 different monsters to capture and train.

  • A vast world to explore, with over 30 unique locations.

  • Combat takes place in turns, with you and your monster battling enemies.

  • The game has a new story that connects to the larger Dragon Quest world.

Dragon Quest Monsters Prince of Darkness trailer

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