Is This Town Based on a True Story? Uncover its Plot, Cast, Where to Watch and More

this town

This Town is a television program on BBC One. It has six parts. Steven Knight wrote and created the story and Paul Whittington directed. Kudos and Nebulastar produced the film with help from Mercury Studios, a division of Universal Music Group. The show’s music was composed by Dan Carey and Kae Tempest. The main cast includes Levi Brown, Jordan Bolger, Ben Ross and Eve Austin, as well as Michelle Dockery, Geraldine James, David Dawson and Nicholas Pinnock, among others Other actors.

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The series will premiere on BBC One on March 31, 2024. Knight and producer Nick Angel began working together in November 2020. Together with them, production companies Kudos and Stigma created a project about the British music scene of the early 1980s. BBC One has agreed to produce a six-part series based on the idea in April 2022.

Filming begins in November 2022 in Birmingham, with locations including the city and Knight’s Loc. Film and television studios. Some scenes were also filmed in Wolverhampton, where they staged a scene of a race riot. They put out a call for extras to play skinheads in local news and music publications. In March 2023, filming moved to Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.

Is this town based on a true story?

No, this town is not based on a true story. The events and characters in the show are entirely fictitious and are not based on real people or events. Although This Town is not a true story, it replicates real events such as the 1981 Handsworth Riots. Knight was inspired by his own life in Birmingham and the Midlands in the 1980s. He used this inspiration to create storylines focusing on the development of ska and two-tone music.

The story takes place in Birmingham and Coventry in 1981. During that period, several changes occurred in music, politics, and society. The story begins at Riot, originally in Handsworth, Birmingham. The director used that turmoil to meet four characters who came together. The setting of the story is inspired by Knight’s past life, as he grew up during that period.

land in this town

The TV show tells the story of a band formed in the 1980s, inspired by the popularity of ska, reggae, two-tone and punk music. The character-written songs were written by record producer and composer Dan Carey and poet Kae Tempest.

The play tells the story of a large family and four young people involved in a lively music scene. It tells the story of how a band comes together in the face of chaos and violence. It describes how great ideas can come from difficult times.

This town cast list



Levi Brown

Dante Williams

Jordan Bolger

Gregory Williams

Ben Ross

Baden Quinn

eve austin

Jenny Keefe

Michelle Dockery


Nicholas Pinnock

Des Williams

David Dawson

Robbie Kamen

Geraldine James


Peter McDonald


Freya Parks


Overview of this town



TV show

this town

Made by

Steven Knight

Written by

Steven Knight

directed by

Paul Whittingham


Levi Brown, Jordan Bolger, Ben Ross, Eve Austin, Michelle Dockery, Geraldine James, David Dawson, Nicholas Pinnock

country of origin


original language


Number of series





Tim Whitby, Charlotte Sirtis


Ben Wheeler

operation hours

57 minutes


bbc one


March 31, 2024

Where can I watch this town?

This Town is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. Produced by the BBC, the series will be released on BBC One on 31 March 2024 and will be available on BBC iPlayer.

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