MTG Arena Error Code 1, How to Fix MTG Arena Error Code 1?

MTG Arena Error Code 1

MTG Arena error code 1 appears on the user’s screen when they try to log into the game. Users started experiencing this error from time to time, and most users who play the game have probably encountered this error as they started posting about it on the game’s community forums in early 2021.

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There may be many fixes or possible workarounds for this specific bug that many users of the game have experienced, and we’ve only included one of them as it was shared on the game’s community forum.

Take a look below together with the game trailer released when the game was released in 2019, which evokes people’s nostalgic yearning for the game five years ago.

How to fix MTG Arena error code 1?

To fix MTG Arena error code 1, users must perform the following steps:

  • Users must disable antivirus software as it may interfere with MTG Arena.
  • Users must try flushing DNS:
  • For Windows computers:

    • Open Windows command prompt for management
    • Now type ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter key
    • Now type ipconfig/registerdns and press Enter key
    • Now type ipconfig/release and press Enter key
    • Now type ipconfig/renew and press Enter key
    • Finally enter netshwinsock reset and press enter
    • This works for refreshing your Windows PC’s DNS
  • To perform the same operation, users have to open Terminal via Applications >> Utilities and press Command + Space.
  • And refresh DNS according to Mac OS version.
  • If flushing DNS doesn’t work, change it entirely.
  • Now uninstall MTG Arena and reinstall it.
  • Install a VPN based on your geolocation now
  • Uninstalling the VPN after some time should resolve the issue.

If the above steps don’t work for you, then it’s a good idea to contact the support team and tell them the steps you’ve taken to fix it so they can guide you better.

Causes of MTG Arena Error Code 1

The exact cause of MTG Arena Error Code 1 is unknown, some say it is a network error, others mark it as a bug, but we are not sure if confirmed. So it’s better to leave it to the game developers. What could be the exact cause of this error?

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