Who is Odumodublvck? Where is Odumodublvck Parents From? Odumodublvck Biography, Age, Height, Real Name, and More

Who is Odumoduluke?

Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu, also known by his stage name Odumodublvck, is a Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter. He is popular for his energetic stage presence and ability to blend different musical genres. Odumodublvck is part of the hip-hop group Anti World Gangstars and currently lives in Abuja, Nigeria. He has been making waves in the African music industry, establishing himself as a rising rap star.

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In 2022, Odumodublvck signed a record deal with NATIVE Records in collaboration with Def Jam. This collaboration provides him with a platform to showcase his talent and reach out to a wider audience. On November 23, 2022, he released his debut single “Picanto” on NATIVE Records, featuring ECko Miles and Zlatan.

Odumodublvck’s career continues to flourish, and on January 23, 2023, he achieved the extraordinary feat of ranking fourth on TurnTable’s NXT Emerging Top Artists rankings. This recognition further cements his status as a promising artist in the Nigerian music industry.

Name Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu
stage name odumoduvik
born October 18, 1993
age 29 years
place of birth Lagos, Nigeria
country of origin delta state
Country of Citizenship nigerian
high 1.68 meters
Profession Rapper·Songwriter
net worth $300,000


Where are Odumodublvck’s parents from?

Odomodu Blvck is a talented singer who was born in Lagos, Nigeria, to an Igbo Ojogwu couple from Enugu State. In his family, Odumodu Brueck is the only son of his mother, but he has six siblings, including two brothers and four sisters. One of his brothers named Agunna, whose full name is Agunnabueze, is also involved in the music industry as a singer.

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Odumodu Brueck was born into a Christian family in Lagos, and his upbringing and cultural background may have had a significant impact on his music and artistic expression. The support and influence of his family, as well as the diverse talents of his siblings, may have contributed to his own musical journey and development as an artist.

Odumoduke Era

Odumodublvck, 29, was born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria. He received his junior secondary education at Christ the King College, Gwawarada, Abuja. In the second grade of junior high school, he acquired the stage name “Odumodu”. At the age of 17, he moved with his family to Abuja.

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To pursue higher education, Odumodublvck pursued a degree in Mass Communication at the University of Lagos. He successfully completed his studies and received a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Mass Communication.


Odumoduluk height

Odumodublvck is 1.68 meters above sea level. He is recognized in the music industry for his unique fusion of afrobeats, drill and grime genres. According to an article on Dazed, Odumodublvck’s Drill style of music is characterized by its unrelenting energy and incorporates melodies inspired by high life music, a popular Nigerian music genre. His deft incorporation of Nigerian Pidgin English into his lyrics allows him to vividly paint stories about his community and daily life.

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What is unique about Odumodubruk is his narrative style, which is deeply rooted in Nigerian culture and tailored specifically to resonate with Nigerian audiences. His music captures the nuances and complexities of Nigerian life, making it difficult for outsiders to fully grasp the depth and richness of his storytelling.

Odumodublvck real name

Odumodublvck’s real name is Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu. On May 25, 2023, he commented on Twitter about the presidential inauguration of Nigeria’s 16th President, Bola Tinubu, specifically mentioning the “Rekindling Hope” concert. “They tried to get me to perform at the inauguration. They didn’t do their research,” Odumoduluke wrote in a tweet. This statement suggests that he turned down the opportunity to perform at the event, possibly due to a lack of proper support from the organizers. understanding or research.

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However, on March 2, 2023, Odumodublvck released the single “Vex” as part of NATIVE Sound System. In the second verse of the song, he expresses his support for Peter Obi, a famous Nigerian politician. The lyrics read: “I wish Peter Obi could save me,” indicating his approval of Peter Obi’s candidacy and his belief in Obi’s ability to bring about positive change.



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