Who Won Claim to Fame Season 2? Who is the Host of Claim to Fame Season 2?

Who won the second season of “Fame”?

In the second season of “Fame,” the winner was Nick Cannon’s brother, Gabriel Cannon. Gabriel’s victory was attributed to his strategic use of social skills, which allowed him to convincingly mislead the other contestants about his relationships with celebrities. This innovative approach set him apart and contributed to his success in the game. His ability to build a good rapport with the other tenants played a major role in his victory.

The show features contestants who are related to various celebrities, asking them to hide their connections while participating in a series of challenges. Gabriel’s victory not only earned him the coveted title, but also $100,000 in prize money.

His win shows how contestants with little-known celebrity connections can excel by employing unique strategies and charming personalities. The success of Season 2 of “Fame” shows that the show’s blend of mystery, competition and entertainment continues to captivate audiences and provide a platform for these celebrity relatives to showcase their talents.


Who is the host of “Fame” Season 2?

The second season of “Fame” is hosted by brother and sister Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas. The reality show airs its second season finale on August 28, 2023, with the Jonas Brothers gracing the show as co-hosts. Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas use their unique charm and hosting skills to guide contestants and engage viewers throughout the show.

Kevin Jonas, a famous musician and member of the pop band Jonas Brothers, is a familiar face in the entertainment industry. Along with him, Frankie Jonas, also known as “Bonus Jonas,” has been leaving his mark on the entertainment industry.

Together, the Jonas Brothers provide contestants with a dynamic and engaging hosting experience as they compete for the recognition of their famous relatives. Their presence adds an extra level of excitement and entertainment to the show, enhancing the overall viewing experience for the audience.



Notorious 2 Finale Review

The exciting climax of “Fame 2” unfolds in its two-part finale, starting with episodes titled “Disco Ball and Wall of Clue” and “Needle in a Haystack.” The ultimate winner was Gabriel, who strategically eliminated fellow contestant Karsyn in a challenging task in which participants matched clues with their opponents. Gabriel’s reasoning skills were highlighted when he correctly deduced that Cassin was connected to race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The second part of the finale marked the return of host Kevin Jonas, who was absent due to his commitments with the Jonas Brothers. With Frankie temporarily hosting, Kevin resumed his role. Throughout the season, both contestants return to assist the remaining contestants – Chris, Gabrielle and Monet. In a crucial challenge, Gabriel once again showed his talent and performed well.

The gripping finale of “Fame 2” celebrated Gabriel’s victory, and the captivating mix of acting, camaraderie and entertainment left a lasting impression on contestants and viewers alike.


‘Famous’ Season 2 Cast

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Gabriel Cannon


Jerrica Brooks (“Monet”)


Chris Osmond


Carlsin Elledge


Robert Lamar Stafford Jr. (“JR”)


Hugo Wenzel


olivia aquilina


Cole Cook


Shane Murphy


Jada Star (“Jane”)


Travis Tyson


Carly Reeves

“Fame” Season 2 Trailer

rise to fame

“Fame” is an American reality competition series that premiered on ABC on July 11, 2022, hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas. The show returns for its second season in June 2023.

The show’s format involves twelve contestants, each with a famous celebrity relative. The contestants live in the same house together and play mystery games to find out other contestants’ celebrity connections while keeping their own celebrity connections a secret. In each episode, contestants compete in competitive challenges. The winner of the challenge will receive immunity for the round and additional clues about the other contestants.

At the end of the episode, contestants privately vote for the two lowest-ranked performers in the challenge to be the “guessers” for that round. The guessers then select another non-immune contestant and publicly announce the celebrity they believe is related to the chosen contestant. If the guesser’s inference is accurate, the selected contestant is eliminated; however, if the guess is incorrect, the guesser faces elimination.

In the end, the last remaining contestant in the competition was crowned the winner and received a $100,000 prize. The show’s engaging concept, coupled with the Jonas Brothers’ involvement as hosts, adds to the excitement and appeal of “Fame.”

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